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War On Christianity Comes Through Pentagon

The war on Christianity is nothing new.  It has gone on since the birth of Christ .. or before. It has now come home in a way that shows with no doubt just where our rulers lie.  Don’t forget …. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief.  He has the final say … does he not? Breaking:  Pentagon […]

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Obama Wants To Regulate Religious Hiring

Obama has made his first step into his attempt to regulate religion in this country. He has told his lawyers to ask the Supreme Court this week to eliminate a long-standing precedent that protects religious organizations from government regulations. It is a bid by Obama to regulate religious hiring .. in other words .. part […]


Bits And Pieces

Cloaked in secrecy .. grants awarded from the new $50 million federal funded program to Obama linked groups. the Social Innovation Fund … causing conflict of interest amid questionable selective processes.. shredded papers .. would you expect anything different? Awright!  Good job!  Gimmee five!  .. and take this.   Half ounce marijuana settles the score for […]

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