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Remember… Obama Signed The Sequester Into Law

If your plane is delayed due to flight controller furloughs … who are being told to take one day off every other week or so …. or if any other part of this “sequester” deal affects you life in a negative way … remember… Obama is the one who signed the sequester into law. It […]

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Bits And Pieces

If there isn’t something illegal about using our White House as a reelection campaign ‘base’… certainly there is something unethical about it .. don’t you think? White House sends out a minimum of 50 emails to reporters following Obama speech … which sure seem to smell  like campaign emails…..          Ahh.. Obama […]

What Are They Up To?

The debt deal has passed Congress … one more bill passed with no one knowing what was in it … business as usual? The hastily written 74-page bill — never reviewed by a legislative committee and rushed to the floor — What in the world are they up to there? You can see a little […]


Bits And Pieces

Could Obama really be hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood?  You decide. Hillary Clinton is absolutely deluded if she thinks she or anyone can talk the Muslim Brotherhood out of their beliefs.  Not having her eyes open to reality spells danger in all ways to our country. It’s interesting how the administration insists that […]

Just Do The Right Thing Even If It Means Eating Those Peas

Stop the spending! Do the right thing… you conservatives in Washington who hold the future path for this great country of ours. Do not give in to Obama’s foot stomping words .. his finger pointing .. his attempt to turn this debt ceiling thing around to make it appear as though he is the one […]

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C’mon GOP..No More Short Term Anything!

The GOP leaders in the House are now mulling about raising the debt ceiling on another short term basis? What are they thinking? Where oh where has common sense gone? We had an election last November and the results of that election spoke loudly and clearly  about what we the people want. We want an […]

Common Sense And Logic

Looking for common senes and logic…. I went shopping yesterday … taking along a credit card and nothing more since I had no cash. The first shop I entered had a terrific buy on something that would have made my life so much easier if I just had it …  so of course I decided […]

Can You Do This?

Can you do this .. and get away with it? White House Aims To Cut Deficit With TARP Cash Obama now says he wants to use some of the stimulus money to pay off the national deficit …therfore being able to say he has cut the deficit. HUH??? Then he wants to keep some in […]