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No Election Cheating In Illinois!

                        I wonder if I am the only one who firmly believes without any proof that the only reason Obama got into office for a second term was due to election fraud? Of course … there is no election cheating in Illinois. That would […]

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Two Non Sensical Quotes To The Extreme

We hear politicians making the most bizarre statements these days … I would guess more than ever in the past. Two of the most bizarre non-sensical, to the extreme …. quotes of the past few days are below. The first is from Barb Streisand …. as she pleads with Democrat voters via email …. “Just […]

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Ignorance Wins As The Whole World Loses

Today is a sad day for America. Ignorance won in an election that will once again affect the whole world. We … America … has and always will be the last great hope for this world as far as freedom goes. Once that is lost here … what is left? We lost a large part […]

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Romney Correct…Free Market Better Than Government

In the wake of the natural disaster on the east coast … the declaration has been made that Mitt Romney would have poor people starve in disasters rather than have the government step in and help … or something to that effect. There are those who believe the government is the only entity that can […]

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Obama’s Pathetic Use and Abuse Of Our Youth

What can be more abusive of America’s youth than the two videos that follow …. both Obama campaign videos? It is beyond disgusting. Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper VOTE. He is not only using our youth .. he is using the dire weather prediction for the east coast against Romney… Bill Clinton, […]

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Benghazi Attack “Not An Issue”

And now…. the attack on our embassy and the killing of four Americans there is no longer an issue … so says who????? Joe Klein of Time Magazine … that’s who…  thanks to Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters. The madness goes on… … and here is a breath of reality to soothe it a bit…  Governor […]

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Biden Laughs At The Issues

Fast Tube by Casper Now …. after laughing at the issues and denying he had any knowledge at all of the requests from our embassy in Benghazi … comes the official  notification from Ben Rhodes … the Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications … that neither Obama or Biden knew anything at all about those requests. […]

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Words of Wisdom From The Mouth Of Experience

Thomas Peterffy created and paid for a television ad to warn Americans about the road to socialism. If only everyone who thinks Obama is good for them could see and hear it and have their eyes opened to the truth of what he is saying. Fast Tube by Casper Obama is not good for America […]


Misplaced Priorities … Misplaced Blame

Lives are put at stake and lost …. while priorities of Obama are all upside down and backwards…. Rep questions State Department’s green energy spending amid security concerns…. … and the lack of honest reporting and immediate investigation and response to Benghazi attack and the subsequent response from the public and even parent of killed […]

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Obama … Moving Forward. Really?

  Forward.    Really?? Unemployment .. the true number … stands around 14%.  More jobs are lost each month….. and have been for months.  There were less jobs in May than there were in April.  There were less jobs in June than in May.  There were less jobs in July than there were in June. […]

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Emporer Obama?

No one who cares about we the people puts himself in a position of being above and greater than we the people.  What does the above sculpture speak to you? The Democrats would like you to believe Mitt Romney has no interest in speaking of the war we are  involved in.  The following speaks the […]

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The Fun And Freedom Of Just The Truth With Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood last night showed all who watched and wished to or were able to see… what fun and freedom there is in just telling the truth …. bringing out the facts. What a refreshing few moments we shared last night listening to Clint in all of his irreverance of “political correctness” which is only […]