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Two Non Sensical Quotes To The Extreme

We hear politicians making the most bizarre statements these days … I would guess more than ever in the past. Two of the most bizarre non-sensical, to the extreme …. quotes of the past few days are below. The first is from Barb Streisand …. as she pleads with Democrat voters via email …. “Just […]

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Pelosi And Boehner Head National Madness

Signs of our times? Pelosi and Boehner plus more than numerous other so called “leaders” in Washington D.C. are keeping the madness going as we can see in this news article… Pelosi and Boehner unite to pass bill funding planned parenthood, Obamacare and Syrian revolutionaries…. … never mind that planned parenthood is the greatest provider […]

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Welcome to Brees List … independence and freedom.

Fast Tube by Casper .. America the Beautiful … may it stay that way. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws […]

Two Images Made By Obama

    UPDATE: White House blocks access to Obama events, news groups say. Two images clashed in my mind today in a way that made Obama and what he is intending for our great country more clear than ever. The first image came from reading about a woman in the state of Washington who was […]


Obama And The Fear Game

Fill the people with fear … then offer them sweet relief if only they will do this. What a cheap and despicable tactic to use … by people voted into office by those who believed and trusted their promises. President Obama has belied every substantive promised word he has spoken and for his administration to […]

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Dems Believe They Own Government…Ann Coulter

…from…. DEMOCRATS TO AMERICA: WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT!   October 9, 2013 In the current fight over the government shutdown, Republicans are simply representing the views of the American people. Americans didn’t ask for Obamacare, they don’t want it, but now their insurance premiums are going through the roof, their doctors aren’t accepting it, […]

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Checks And Balances In Washington Are Imperative

The genius of the writer’s of our Constitution is easily seen in the system of checks and balances that it set up in our federal government. Those checks and balances are a imperative in the retention of our freedom as a republic.  They prevent one branch of the government from taking control and taking our […]


Well If I Had Known None Of This Would Have Happened!

Can’t you almost hear those words out of Obama’s mouth? ‘If I had known …. certainly none of these awful things would have happened!’ You almost expect him to say that. He saw nothing… heard nothing … knew nothing … about ANYTHING! EVER! Oh… pardon me.  He did get bin Laden. Now of course he […]

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The Joke On Us All

The Department of Justice will investigate the IRS. So says Attorney General Holder. This of course is the joke of all jokes on us all … on we the people… the fox cleaning the henhouse. It has to make you laugh hysterically. Where is Obama in all of this?’ He of course “knows nothing”. What […]


Congress Did Not Do Its Job

Did we not vote a new Congress into office in 2010 to stop the madness of Obama as far as our healthcare goes at least? Obviously Congress did not do its job. Whatever happened to “we will repeal Obamacare”? Now it is here. The madness becomes us. Obamacare’s Tax Hike Train Wreck Congress did not […]

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Washingtonians Fly High As They Cry “FEAR FEAR FEAR”

Even as so many in Washington are crying ‘there is no money….no money … no money …. we need more  more more…’ … many of those same voices are flying high on the money of you .. the taxpayer.. with no thought of stopping. Las Vegas style conferences .. millions and millions of dollars Holder’s […]

The Madness Compounds Itself

The madness of Washington compounds itself daily now. First it was the failure of the Republicans who are supposed to be standing for our freedom and honesty in government … at least many hoped for that … to dare to stand up against Obama in his demands for more money as he declared a coming […]