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All Who Voted For Obama … You Own It Now

… the following is the voice of fed up Americans … those in fear of losing their country as they have always known it .. the greatest country on earth…. along with every last freedom that that has been so heavily won for us… Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People! You now own it […]


Obama’s Sandy

“We are with you… will never let you down…..we are here to help..” … or words similar to these … came out of Obama’s mouth to the victims of Sandy.  He even walked arm in arm with Christie … made a grand appearance. Wow. It is cold and dark and dreary… and nothing is changing. […]


Obama’s Kill List

Just a reminder to those who may have never heard of it …. as DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz … President Obama still has his “kill list” and it is very very real. The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Shultz…. Fast Tube by Casper You can read more in depth on the “kill list” here.. […]

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Biden Laughs At The Issues

Fast Tube by Casper Now …. after laughing at the issues and denying he had any knowledge at all of the requests from our embassy in Benghazi … comes the official  notification from Ben Rhodes … the Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications … that neither Obama or Biden knew anything at all about those requests. […]

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Barocky Road Ice Cream

                                                               TODAY IS THE OLDEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN, YET THE YOUNGEST YOU’LL EVER BE, SO ENJOY THIS DAY WHILE IT LASTS. ICE CREAM !!! In […]


Misplaced Priorities … Misplaced Blame

Lives are put at stake and lost …. while priorities of Obama are all upside down and backwards…. Rep questions State Department’s green energy spending amid security concerns…. … and the lack of honest reporting and immediate investigation and response to Benghazi attack and the subsequent response from the public and even parent of killed […]

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The Dinner Table

Fast Tube by Casper VOTE.

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How The Obama Administrtion Works

It is really rather simple …. how this Obama administration works. If you tell people something often enough and loudly enough …. a good number of them will just naturally believe you … and that is the number of people who will blindly follow you through hell or high water …. no matter how the […]

TSA And The Constitution

If you think the TSA misuses its power and intrudes on your privacy with its searches …. and even if you don’t … even if you feel it is all justified due to the terror threat … you must be aware of what is coming and be ready to fight it. The TSA is getting […]


Emporer Obama?

No one who cares about we the people puts himself in a position of being above and greater than we the people.  What does the above sculpture speak to you? The Democrats would like you to believe Mitt Romney has no interest in speaking of the war we are  involved in.  The following speaks the […]

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The Colors Of The Left

Every American had better have their eyes open. The following reports are real …. and very significant in what they say about the radical liberals who want to run you and everyone in this great country of our. Islamic prayers will be in play … with Islamic radicals present …. while Catholic request for a […]


Uncommon Knowledge

From the pages of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson comes this wisdom …. through the mouth of  Rick Perry … governor of Texas…. “You keep the taxes as low as you can on those job creators. You have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable and a legal system that does not allow for […]