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Gore At Work

Al Gore has been quietly steadily insidiously at work behind the scenes pushing pushing pushing for his climate change agenda .. which includes the disastrous for our country cap and trade scheme. Pressuring Congress… and any one else he can collar without a doubt … surely steadily insidiously. Al Gore At Work Don’t be fooled. […]

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The Alternate Fuel Dilemma

The quest for alternate  fuel for energy is such an exhausting one .. for just when you think you have the perfect answer… along comes something to blow it to smithereens. Oil … the giant monster upon which no one should ever ever have to want to depend on again for any single thing .. […]

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Today’s Ridiculosity Report

A Professor has had an epiphany. We will paint all the roofs in the world white. That .. people .. is a real proposal by Obama’s Energy Secretary… Stephen Chu .. at a three-day Nobel Laureate Symposium in London  It is real You see .. if we paint all roofs white… we will somehow be combatting […]

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The Burping Of The Lambs And An Internet Czar

Oh what madness is being sown .. and what a price we will all pay for it … and in something much more than money. Now we have the government doing its best to take away lamb from our tables… they burp too much…. too many carbon emissions. Tomatoes just have to go. They are […]

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Global Warming .. the ignorance of the proponents.

Global waming .. climate change …  common sense tells us it is a natural cycle of our universe. Only the ignorant .. the truly ignorant .. can be a proponent of man’s ability to cause global warming. When and how did it become something man is supposed to fear? Was it in the 70’s with […]

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