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Our Gasping Economy

Just in case you are still wondering why our economy is so bad … gasping for breath … the following might help to enlighten you. This of course is just one aspect of the assault on our economic system by Obama… an assault that has come from all sides. With all Obama has done since […]

Government Motors Flying High

Government Motors seems to be flying high these days. What with a two minute Super Bowl commercial by Chrysler which cost we the taxpayers somewhere around 10 million dollars … give or take a few.. and that is just for the air time , never mind the cost of producing the commercial including Eminem’s fee […]

Bits And Pieces

The desperation of this administration is showing more and more as the election draws nearer .. and it is shown in the accusations made against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Obama… and it is good to know the response from the Chamber has been loud and clear. Obama talks about “drowning out the voice […]

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Lest We Forget

General Motors reports a huge profit this quarter … back to back with last quarter. Lest we forget … General Motors is now Government Motors… all controlled by Obama. As he works to try to force us to believe everything he is doing is just the opposite of what he is truly doing … what […]

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Bits And Pieces

Perhaps you would like to know where some of your tax dollars are going this beautiful summer morning.  In Detroit .. or rather … Birmingham .. adjoining Detroit .. a “free” breakfast is being handed out to whoever shows up at a breakfast house there .. paid for by your dollars given to Chrysler by […]

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Someone To Take Care Of You And Me …

Every person in this admisinstration should have had more children …. and stayed home to take care of them. Perhaps then theywouldn’t feel so strongly that we… you and I .. need taking care of … from being told how and what to drive right down to how much salt we can eat. It really […]

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Can It Get More Nauseating?

Here the media pushes hard to pat Obama on the back for doing such a super great job with Government Motors … telling us all that of course it was the right thing for him.. Obama … to do… to take over General Motors. Just think of where the company would be today if he […]

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Let’s Beat On Toyota

Wed. 2/24 Update: From the Detroit News …  FBI searches 3 local auto suppliers .. and you guessed it… they are tied to Toyota. Wed. 2/23 Let’s beat on Toyota … because we can. That seems to be the logic in this administration. Oh .. Obama is far away from the center but you know […]

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Ford And The UAW

Ford Motor Company announced a profit yesterday after hard work by all people involved in every aspect of the company. The UAW voted against a Ford proposal that would have brought Ford into the same realm as government owned and controlled General Motors and Chrysler .. with the members essentially saying they didn’t care how […]

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Hands Off!

Obama’s auto czar warned Congress to keep their hands off of the auto companies .. not to mess things up. Ron Bloom, a senior adviser at the Treasury Department heading the administration’s efforts on autos, warned members of a House Judiciary sub-panel that an intervention by Congress on behalf of auto dealers would set a […]

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General Motors Bankruptcy.. No Surprises

The bankruptcy judge in the General Motors case rejected all pleas to hold his decisions till further claims have been inspected.. such as those of crash victims and in investors. A surprise? Oh no.  What is a surprise is that the judge even bothered to go thorugh the motion of this whole farce.  It would […]

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Buy Your Neighbor A Car

We now will be part owners in new cars. “Cash for clunkers” …. such a nice sound to it … has officially become part of our heritage and added on to our good deeding of the day… to go along with giving car companies to the UAW and to Fiat and that sort of stuff. […]