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Chrysler On Hold

Chrysler left to fend for itself no matter how it must fend for itself is a thousand times a thousand times better than an Obama Chrysler. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg put the sale of Chrylser to Fiat on hold “pending further order”. What it means will only be told when that” further order” comes down. […]


The Known Forced Bankruptcy

It comes out now … the already known truth .. that Obama had decided long before setting the table for Chrysler that there was no way Chrysler would not be allowed to do anything but go into bankruptcy so that he … Obama … could have his plans for Chrysler be put into place .. […]

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Requiem For A Giant

General Motors is no more. It was a great company … with a great big heart.  It was run by humans … humans with human touches. That is gone .. forever. Obama runs it now.  Why does the media insist on portraying General Motors as the one who has made all the decisions in its […]

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Real Life Lessons From A Real Live “Czar”

Now that Obama has had his auto czar formally take over General Motors…. it is of course too late to learn a lesson about the most probable after effects … but .. if you want to know what we most likely have ahead of us… this lesson is for you. Ion Mihai Pacepa was a […]

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A Steady Beat As We Sleep

It is absolutely amazing … how we Americans continue to believe even after the deal is done and the reality stands before us in black and white. Is it our trusting and naive innocence that will be our downfall …. trust in those who we elected to protect and keep our nation and our freedoms […]

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UAW And Obama

Obama is supposed to be for the little guy.. right? General Motors UAW employees were asked to give concessions in the battle for General Motors’ survival.  The sad thing is no matter what …General Motors will not survive.  Obama Motors will take over… already has of course. In the meantime …. the UAW employees were […]

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GM’s Battle To Live

As General Motors battles for its life … the handwriting is already on the wall.   Nothing will stop it from being forced into bankruptcy. The UAW agreed to big concessions in a desperate last minute gasp to save this great company… but the ominous hand over it all seems to say .. “do as […]

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Judge Says No

Some of the lending arms of Chrysler once again decided they would fight for their legal rights to get paid .. through the courts. They filed to have Chrysler bankruptcy halted while they make this fight. The judge in charge of Chrysler’s bankruptcy proceedings said no .. that the bankruptcy will not be halted just […]

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Brief Synopsis..Obama’s Auto Companies

Ford, Chrysler and General Motors executives go to Washington D.C. to plead their plight for a government loan … to get them through this tough economic time .. after all it is the government and its mandates along with  the Union demands that have squeezed them to this point of death. The autocompany executives are […]

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Oh Really?

Gettelfinger said today the UAW has no intention of keeping the O/G Motors stock it has been given. Oh really? That can be about as believable as Obama’s statement denying any knowleddge of the New York Air Force I flyover. By the way … who in the world do you think is going to buy […]

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General Motors.. The Conquest

The General Motors conquest is on…. being made official by the reverse stock split….. 100:1 for existing shareholders … that wipes you out if you don’t own about a billion shares. Each share is now worth 1/100th of what it was yesterday. O/G Motors is on a roll. Obama .. oops.. the government … will […]

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Chrysler’s Bankruptcy and Takeover

As Chrylers’s bankruptcy filing and takeover goes on there are questions everywhere. The UAW .. who has not put a penny into Chrysler’s purchase owns 55% of the company. Those creditors who have kept Chrysler running are kicked to the ditch. Obama says Fiat will get nothing until all taxpayer money is repaid yet […]

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