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Pelosi And Boehner Head National Madness

Signs of our times? Pelosi and Boehner plus more than numerous other so called “leaders” in Washington D.C. are keeping the madness going as we can see in this news article… Pelosi and Boehner unite to pass bill funding planned parenthood, Obamacare and Syrian revolutionaries…. … never mind that planned parenthood is the greatest provider […]

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Celebrating Christmas Without Christ

It just makes absolutely no sense of course … to celebrate Christmas without having Christ in it.  After all … it is His birthday we are celebrating. Seems like quite a bit more than being sacrilegious to shut people up simply because they wish to use the word Christmas in relation to Christmas. Seems a […]

The O Permatorium And Our Slumping Economy

Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf.. which quickly became a permatorium… has caused serious repercussions and will continue to for as long as the permatorium is allowed to stand.  It already caused unemployment to skyrocket right along with the cost of gas .. which has risen to double what it was when Obama […]

Now For The Quick Fix Or Two Or Three

The Democrats are coming up with solutions to fixing such actions as the Tucson shooting so fast it is hard to keep up with them. First of course they had to determine who was to blame and there were and are an endless supply of conservatives upon which to pin that… in fact all of […]

Happy Thanksgiving, America

To all our troops all over the world .. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you.  Those words seem so small .. for what you do. To Americans everywhere  …. have a great happy holiday and May God bless America on this Thanksgiving Day. Fast Tube by Casper

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The Government Reports

The government reports are getting more and more removed from reality with every one .. so it seems if you are out living in reality. First there was the report from Michelle Obama that 1 in 5 children living in America are obese.  I looked around me and thought of the many many many  children […]

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TSA Terror?

First there was John Tyner who refused to allow himself to be groped at the hands of a TSA employee and was not allowed to walk through the metal detector but instead was banned from his flight .. and now has the government “investigating” him. Following this has come the outroar across the nation which […]

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And Here Comes The Investigation

‘You dare mess with us?’ Here comes the investigation. TSA to investigate body scan resister. This country is in a very lot of serious trouble if people begin to think this is just fine. Planning to fly?

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Planning To Fly?

Are you planning to fly?  If so …  the following is a must for you to read. TSA Encounter at SAN .. the “junk” man…. It answered for me my hesitancy in wanting to make the flights I must make soon … finding myself putting them off longer and longer.  This full body scan machine […]

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Temper Tantrum?

A child is expected to have temper tantrums when things don’t go his/her way. A president? Obama is having his greatest temper tantrums to date in this time before the November election.  He is stamping his feet and shouting out like that child who has not yet learned that life is not such that it […]

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Reap What You Sow

You always reap what you sow and Obama et al are beginning to do so now.  Are they really going to be shell shocked or are they intelligent enough to recognize why that which is happening is happening? Not if they think like Chris Matthews. Wow! There is not one Democrat who stood behind Obama […]

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Bizarre Is The Only Word

What a shame that the person sitting in our Oval Office does not think one kind thing of America as we know and love it. Among all he has done to “fix” us … he  spent a good time of his first months in office apologizing to the world for us. Now he is doing […]

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