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Guilty By Her Own Words

In 2009 .. all in home daycare providers in Michigan were forced into the UAW as “organized” members against their will. The Mackinaw Center of Michigan is a public help source focusing on economic policy.. economics being defined as not being  “the study of dollars and cents; but the study of human behavior. Economics deals […]

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More Than A Millstone

As unemployment stays high … as the economy stays flat … as people struggle to redo their budgets to reflect this and survive … Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report calls this state of our economy a “millstone around the Democrats’  necks”. It is much more than that. It is the truth .. the […]

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The White House Madness Compounds Itself

Who are these people in the White House?  The madness compounds itself on a daily basis. Yesterday .. or the day before .. it was an obesity report of every American to be posted on their electronic health record. Today it is a bill backing the collection of employee pay information from businesses in relation […]

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White House Takes On Arizona

Now it is our White House against one of our states … Arizona. If Washington was doing its job .. Arizona would not have to be taking it upon their own hands to protect their people and their state from the deadly dangers of the illegal immigrants flowing into Arizona. The argument of Washington .. […]

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Oil Crisis.. Making One Or Hiding One?

There is a sort of mystery going on with this oil spill business..  one that makes me wonder what is really going on? Is the spill bad? Is the spill not so bad? If it was really bad… where is the press?  Where are the pictures?  Where is the action? If it is not so […]

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Government Should Decide To Whom Free Speech Applies?

Read this article and make your decision of whether or not Elena Kagan is a good choice to sit on our Supreme Court … deciding cases according to our Constituion for the sake of all American citizens. Some of what Kagan has said in the past……. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan said the high court […]

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Rampant Repressive Government Control

If you feel sick to your stomach these days with every news report you hear or read and cannot even put words to what it is that is causing it … reading this article should help you understand the source. Obama says health care plan already helps millions……….. It is all about the control Obama […]

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The Disgrace Of It All

Obama throws money at his government motors … the General Motors he totally ruined for we the people … and now this….. Obama denies individual aid for storm relief…. What more needs to be said about the man? Perhaps this adds to it. Arizona decides to enforce a law that is already on the federal […]

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GOP Prevails And Out Come The Same Old Lies

The GOP mangaged to block the financial “takeover” bill for now… and instantly the lies came out…. the biggest one being the old standby… Wall Street caused this financila mess we are in. ‘Democrats seized on the party-line, 57-41 test vote to portray Republicans as standing up for Wall Street banks that helped push the […]

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Unbridled Power Abuse?

Is this unbridled power abuse by this Obama administration? Unbelievable. We want your restaurant, your land … or we just don’t like you prospering so well.. or we just plain do not like you….. The continuaous attempt to throw away our autonomy?  Geithner push for global capital rules Obama using his seat to stir up […]

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