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Washingtonians Fly High As They Cry “FEAR FEAR FEAR”

Even as so many in Washington are crying ‘there is no money….no money … no money …. we need more  more more…’ … many of those same voices are flying high on the money of you .. the taxpayer.. with no thought of stopping. Las Vegas style conferences .. millions and millions of dollars Holder’s […]

The Big Sellout?

The Republicans were voted into office last November with the mandate of the people to curb … stop.. rampamt government spending. Now we come to this in the House … House GOP likely to offer balanced budget amendment with no spending cap.. no super majority to raise taxes. What in the world happens to those […]


Is There Any Sanity Left?

Is there any sanity left in Washington? Is there anyone who has the guts to just say NO?  Of course we need more than just one to have the guts to say that … don’t we? I don’t pretend to know how Washington works.. these days it seems it just doesn’t … but certainly with […]


Obama Determined

Obama is determined to not allow we the people to have a say in how our country is run. This showed again yesterday when he threatened to veto a bill that would allow the government to remain open for one more week  … while at the same time guaranteeing that our troops would be paid […]

The American Spirit And Obama

The American spirit is more resilient than any on earth … and this has been proven over and over again through history.   We deal with what is put before us … making lemonade out of lemons. We continue to do this and it is being proven once again in this worst of economic and […]


The world is allowed to hate us at will … but … when trouble arises .. upon whom do they call? Afghanistan wants U.S. to bail out its bank! The United States … that is who. If this administration says ‘yes’ to Afghanistan’s request … is somesthing wrong here? Just wondering.


More Spending

No end in sight …. as one more spending bill moves toward a vote in the Senate. What more needs be said? Called your Senator lately?

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The Twin Winners .. No Matter What

No matter what ..  twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be winners.  Obama has said so.  He has promised to subsidize those two hard working American’s money suckers for as long and with as much of our money as they want…. for as long as they ask for it. After showing a $13 billion […]

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The Sneakiest Budget Yet

Not only does Obama’s proposed budget that he presented to the Congress yesterday have the greatest tax increases in it of all time for all those making $250,000 or more … it has taxincreases built into it for every American wage earner. Find out for yourself how this is the sneakiest budget anyone could ever try […]

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Michigan Shows Where Policy Matters

Michigan’s Governor Granholm has turned the state she was elected to run over to the left policies in every way possible.. with spending and more spending and taxes raised and still more taxes proposed .. making Michigan one of the worst possible states for anyone to do business in. This state is a true example […]

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Cars For Clunkers For Global Warming

This cars for clumkers bill is great .. is it not?  It is causing people to pour into the car dealers to get that new car and get rid of that old clumker. The simple fact that no one knows for sure if they will get paid or not is a small minor detail. What […]

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Congressional Spending Spree Continues

Our Democratic friends in Congress love spending your money… .. unabated………….. … as the spending spree continues… fast and furiously. Back in session.. House readies more spending bills. This also is how your money is spent…………….. Obama’s Army pick nets $44 million in earmarks. Remember .. every penny of this money comes from your pocket […]