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Is This Where We May Be?

Is this where we may be? If the national health care bill of Obama is passed and signed into law today… is this were we will be? “Collectivism justifies any means to achieve its great ends. Any expediency is justified, no matter how it may affect individuals or small groups, for the benefit of the […]

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Becoming Government Rule Dependent

Here is a real wake up call for all to see in black and white .. as Obama plans to push his Obamacare through here for all of America to be destroyed by…… Read the comments there too… the few there are.   Shows how completely dependent upon the government dole outs people become. Do […]

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Obama’s Ultimate Insult Of The Day

There are things going on behind the closed doors of our Federal government that most of us know nothing about.  Each of them would no doubt be a total insult to every single freedom loving American. Those insults seem to have been coming daily since Obama took over the Oval Office. The latest insult to […]

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Healthcare Debate At Its Finest

Fast Tube by Casper And we who demand they read it … and understand what it is putting on the American people …. as we just naturally expect they do with all bills before voting on them .. silly us …. are not only  “the mob” .. but “stupid” and  “schizophrenic” as well. Welcome to Obamaland.

The Real Obama Coming Through

Orgainizng for health care.  It is all very real and very very scary to our freedom of choice in our health care. Obama is not a proponent of choice in anything .. and certainly not in healthcare.  The truth of how he really believes comes from a vdieo clip from 2003. Fast Tube by Casper […]

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The Thousand Page Albatross

The albatross called the Obama health plan .. is one thousand pages long. Has anyone anywhere read it?  Has Obama himself even read it? Perhaps you would be interested in finding out just what this albatross is .. that those who know so well what we need for our health care want to hang on […]

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Hatch Against Obamacare?

When Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is against something the liberal Dems are for  .. you had better look twice at what those Democrats are trying to shove down your throat. In this case it is Obama’s healthcare… which Hatch terms as “out of this world”. That is a clear and loud warning bell .. people. […]

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