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Just Deem It Passed?

Pelosi obviously does not have the votes to pass Obama’s helathcare plan so is now hoping to just “deem it passed” without members of the House even voting on it. Let’s stop this bill once and for all. Email, fax or call as many House members as you can. Get the whip count here. Get email […]

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Latest House Vote Standings On Obamacare

Get the latest standings on how the Representatives in the House will vote here. You can contact any of them by finding their phone numbers here. Get the emails and fax numbers here. Go here for a list of those still possibly on the fence …. … Let’s stop this madness … get our country […]

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We MUST Fear Obamacare

We must fear Obamacare if we value our freedom. This beaureucratic takeover of our heathcare system has ever so much more to do with things other than healthcare.  Healthcare just happens to be the tool being used to take over just over 17% of our economy … as most of us now know. The cry […]

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The Inconvenient Truth About Healthcare Insurers

There seem to be many truths in today’s times that become very inconvenient for Obama and his adminiistration.  Those truths become snags in their efforts to fulfill their agenda … which they want to conveniently profess to be only for the good of the people. The inconvenient truth about global warming is.. of course .. […]

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Obama And Unions / Gangster Government

Yesterday Obama and the Unions went head to head on health care and the American people lost out in a big way. Obama’s latest bribe…… Of course.. we the American people again had no say in any of this.. other than that Obama was elected into that office. C-SPAN was barred from the Senate-House-White House […]

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Obama Truth

Does truth have a part in Obama’s administration at all? The more you read and hear and see … the less it seems possible. Truth obviously has no bearing on anything this administration does.  Obama needs people who will fall at at his feet …  following in his steps with no questions asked and he […]

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Stop Mammograms … Government Group States

Stop mammograms is the new cry from the government… and why? A group of “independent” group of people who make up the United States Preventive Service Task Force  which is funded by the government have put out a new guideline for mammogram testing for women…….. The United States Preventive Service Task Force announced Monday that […]

Monthly Abortion Fee In Reid’s Health Plan

Is a monthly abortion fee as stated in Sen. Reid’s health plan a surpise? Of course  not. An insult to the American people? Of course. It is another slap in the face of all decent … thoughtful … moral … common sense freedom loving Americans. How? Simply by slapping down all they stand for .. […]

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Complications In Health Bill Brings No Vote From Kucinich

Voting for Obamacare has become more complicated than you can imagine … and at least you have to give Kucinich credit for voting his heart.  Here he opens another aspect to this healthcare bill and maybe a bit of why Obama seems not too concerned after all about a public option. What is his ultimate […]

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Obamacare Far From A Done Deal

Have heart everyone…. Obamacare is far from a done deal.  In fact .. .the tough part is ahead.  Last night’s vote only showed how weak Pelosi’s power in the Congress really is. With a majority of 75 .. the measure passed by only five votes… 220 -215. Ed Morrissey November 8, 2009 The Democrats wheedled, […]

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This Will Be The New American Health Care?

There should be a way that every single American recieves the information released today .  It should be headlined in every news media across the country… and that of course is a fantasy of mine. What the release includes is not a fantasy.  It is as real as the idiots leading this country today. PELOSI: […]

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A Brash Sales Pitch For The Sake Of Your Health

There is so much going on today concerning healthcare and health.. what with Obamacare and the swine flu and all in between … it seems a perfect time to think about our water supply. Having well water at our home … we were always a little concerned …wanting to be sure our supply was clean […]

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