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Boots On The Ground!

He’s tiny… but I have him in my sights… I do.. I do … I do!!!!!!!  (American soldier in full combat gear … bearing down on ebola)   Obama …. after stating emphatically that there will be no boots on the ground in fighting ISIS …. has ordered 3,000 pairs of military boots on the […]


Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste And The Usual Suspects Step Forward

Remember the quote from Rahm Emanuel?     Once more … the usual suspects have come forward … this time to take advantage of the Boston bombing to advance their own political agendas… which of course means the gun control backers and the immigration “reform” backers. Who in their right mind would even think for […]

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A Million Dimes Per Dollar?

That’s just what our elected people in government must believe… or perhaps they believe there are even more… maybe 2 million dimes per dollar. After all … the people in Maryland will now be taxed for rain. Yeah.. I know.  It sounds utterly ridiculous and totally and completely out of the realm of reality … […]

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TSA And The Constitution

If you think the TSA misuses its power and intrudes on your privacy with its searches …. and even if you don’t … even if you feel it is all justified due to the terror threat … you must be aware of what is coming and be ready to fight it. The TSA is getting […]



Tattle! Become that tattle tale you were always taught not to be! Tattle to Janet .. to Obama!  Tattle to someone in this government! That is Janet Neopolitano’s continuing cry. It is the same old cry of fear that she wants to instill in each of us …. for once she has … Obama et al […]

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Freed Gitmo Terrorists At It Once More

How many more freed terrorists will come back to haunt us? Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot As these terrorists plot new ways to attempt to terrorize us .. is Obama still planning on releasing more form Guantanamo Bay? There is only one thing that saved flight 253 .. .. a failed detonator. .. and as […]

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A Loud Collective Gasp

I could almost hear the loud collective gasp from all those around the country who at this moment are trying to digest what they just read in this news release .. announcing Obama and Clinton’s invitation to Russia into our nuclear sites .. allowing for the most intrusive inspection of those sites the U.S. has […]

Message From U.S. Military

It is still a wonder that Obama has not spoken one word to the nation concerning the threat North Korea has made … whether it be an empty threat or not.  What is his strategy?  Yet here he is immediately rebuking Honduras for not going along with its leader wanting to manipulate that country’s Constitution. […]

Hawaii On Target

This statement concerns the Hawaii anti-missile move … something that could be assumed is not done lightly. “The United States has no indication that North Korean missile technology has improved markedly since past failed launches, and military and other assessments suggest the communist nation probably could not hit the westernmost U.S. state if it tried, officials said. […]

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North Korea’s Threat

North Korea is getting bolder step by step. Each threat is escalating .. and why wouldn’t they?  All they meet in resistance is a finger shake saying they shouldn’t be doing those things. The latest threat is to fire a long range missile to Hawaii in July. It does make me wonder what a strong […]


The Result Of Obama Doubt

Four men were arrested in New York … marked as would be terrorists. As I read this news and read the details … pardon me if this sounds just treasonable … but it reads so clean and pure and perfect .. right to the plastic missiles and plastic explosives “packed into their car bombs”. They […]


Homeland Security’s Dictionary on Non-Muslim Extremism in U.S.

It would be good for every American to know what is listed in the Homeland Security’s  dictionary of American non-Muslim extremism …. for there is not one American who could not in one way or another fall into one of the definitions listed. Not one. Amy Kudwa …. Homeland Securtiy spokeswoman … said “This product […]