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Religious Repression, Sharia Law or Neither?

Today is the day four Chrisitans will be arraigned in a Dearborn, Michigan court following their arrest on June 18rd for passing out Christian literature and talking about their religion outside of an Arabic international festival in Dearborn. Fast Tube by Casper I am all for freedom and the right to hand out literature to […]

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Something To Fear?

Is this something to fear? Is this represesntative of the administraton in Washington today? Fast Tube by Casper Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina.


Questioning The Reality Of Partial Birth Abortions?

Partial birth abortions are banned in the United States… yet there are still some who question the right of this ban … including the person sitting in the Oval Office of our White House. Read the story behind this picture and the chances are high you will never again have any doubts about the reality […]

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