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Political Correctness At Its Finest

Political correctness rears its head once more …  this time in its finest array yet. “Illegal immigrant” should not be and will not be ever again used by the Associated Press for various reasons … significantly because it “dehumanizes those it describes”. Of course … all those it describes are potential backers for all those […]

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How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is when the truth as one wishes it were can be layed out there as sweet and innocent and pure as new fallen snow .. all in a movie for the whole world to see. That is how it is with the movie “Machete”… which treats illegal aliens as pure victims of […]

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Why Arizona Had To Act

If you do not agree with the Arizona enforcement of an illegal immigration law.  perhaps you will after viewing this. P.S.  The fence being built is unbelievable to see .. and to see Mexicans  scaling it as they are here is just plain scary.  They have absolutely no respect for anything.. much less this nation. […]

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Do As We Say .. Not As We Do

Can you .. an American citizen … walk in to Mexico … get work there.. stay there without legal permission? No .. and the President of Mexico … Calderon … says so very clearly. Yet .. he has the nerve to come over to our country and denounce the nerve of America to demand that […]

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No One Is Laughing … Mr. President

No one is laughing .. Mr. President … certainly not in Arizona … or the other border states where drug crimes involving illegal immigrants has been exploding beyond  belief. Instead of facing the reality of it all …. Obama jokes .. and the governor of Arizona Jan Brewer rightfully responds……. Fast Tube by Casper No […]

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And We Must Laugh.. We Just Must!

We must laugh .. as it is what keeps us sane in the midst of madness. The following comes from someone commenting to a post over at Hot Air … and thanks go to jeff the poster… “C-SPAN is doing a deplorable job this morning. They opened the phone lines to illegal aliens to call […]

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