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Welcome to Brees List … independence and freedom.

Fast Tube by Casper .. America the Beautiful … may it stay that way. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws […]

Celebrating Christmas Without Christ

It just makes absolutely no sense of course … to celebrate Christmas without having Christ in it.  After all … it is His birthday we are celebrating. Seems like quite a bit more than being sacrilegious to shut people up simply because they wish to use the word Christmas in relation to Christmas. Seems a […]

Fishing Regulations Realities

As Obama’s policies and orders come into play more and more.. the reality of the outcome is beginning to be seen and felt more and more… such as in the fishing businesses off of our northeast coast … New England fishermen say new regulations may cause collapse of the industry… Does anyone really care … […]


For Those Who Doubt Hardline Muslim Goal

Many doubt the true goal of the hardline muslims. That means the Muslim Brotherhood. This should dispel that doubt instantly….  Arab Spring run amok: Brotherhood begins crucifixions.  

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Scott Brown Ad And Other Things….

This Scott Brown ad says it all. Fast Tube by Casper Let America be beautiful again. Make your vote count. Is Penn State being punished in a ridiculous after-the-fact manner that only hurts more innocent people? Think about it. The person who committed the awful tragedy in Aurora is of course a sick man. No one […]

Uncommon Knowledge

From the pages of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson comes this wisdom …. through the mouth of  Rick Perry … governor of Texas…. “You keep the taxes as low as you can on those job creators. You have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable and a legal system that does not allow for […]

Let Every State Follow Suit … Plus

What would happen if every state followed the example of Texas? Perry: Texas Won’t Implement Obamacare How do you feel about our President embracing the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt by inviting the new Egyptian leader to the White House? Are we going to all be intimidated into silence for voicing beliefs that differ with […]

Obama Quote Of A Lifetime

“Don’t always believe what you hear.”                                                                                                   […]


Media And Its Loss of Dignity

Never before has our main media shown such a loss of dignity as it has since the death of bin Laden. The wrangling over who did and said and shot and photographed what is a media circus … and to top it off … the media … in trying to make President George W. Bush […]

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Freedom Eating Bodyscanners

Have you flown lately? If you have .. have you noticed that the bodyscanner is now the norm going through security?  Going through Detroit Metro to Houston and then Brownsville … not one security check station had the walk through security check open.  Well.. in Detroit .. it was opened only for what appeared to […]

Nothing Is Exempt

Make sure you vote and get all you know to vote.  Nothing is exempt from Obama’s hands of control On the block now are all non-government funded schools … all as this administration calls them … “for profit” schools .. once more using words to twist things and make them seem to be that which […]

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Stirring The Pot

Know who you vote for in November. That is just what Sen. Jim DeMint is attempting to make sure we do… as he calls out all those Republicans or any other party affiliation lawmakers in Washington who do not have the heart of the people first in their sites… stirring the pot that is Washington […]

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