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Reap What You Sow

You always reap what you sow and Obama et al are beginning to do so now.  Are they really going to be shell shocked or are they intelligent enough to recognize why that which is happening is happening? Not if they think like Chris Matthews. Wow! There is not one Democrat who stood behind Obama […]

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More Than A Millstone

As unemployment stays high … as the economy stays flat … as people struggle to redo their budgets to reflect this and survive … Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report calls this state of our economy a “millstone around the Democrats’  necks”. It is much more than that. It is the truth .. the […]

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The White House Madness Compounds Itself

Who are these people in the White House?  The madness compounds itself on a daily basis. Yesterday .. or the day before .. it was an obesity report of every American to be posted on their electronic health record. Today it is a bill backing the collection of employee pay information from businesses in relation […]

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The Awakening

It doesn’t really matter how it happens .. it doesn’t even matter that they didn’t know and backed him in the past. The important thing is they become awakened and do all possilbe now to preserve this country and all its greatness. It seems those “elite” of the country .. the likes of Mort Zuckerman […]

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Why Is All News Energy On The Conservative Side?

The question … why is all the news energy on the conservative side now .. is one many on the left are asking. One writer states the Drudge Report and FOX news are so popular because they have earned it. There is more to it than that. The simple truth is … the conservative side […]

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You Cut … Let Your Voice Be Heard

You Cut is a new program where you can really let your voice be heard in Congress. Have you called and called and emailed and faxed your opinions over and over and over again and felt no one has heard you? Have you come to feel as though there is no one in Washington who […]

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The Dying Embers?

OK.. you tell me. Are the Republicans being smart here … in dealing with the financial reform bill the Senate is attempting to pass … or are they serious about what they ask for? Interesting. One way to make sure those dying embers keep fading. With yesterdays’ primary results .. those dying embers look dimmer […]

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Our Out Of Control Congress

This Congress is more out of control than most can possibly relate to. In a time when the cost of liberal entitlement programs have culminated in the downfall of countries like Greece to the point the world has to bail them out… our Congress continues to propose more and more and more spending. Democratic leaders […]

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Rampant Repressive Government Control

If you feel sick to your stomach these days with every news report you hear or read and cannot even put words to what it is that is causing it … reading this article should help you understand the source. Obama says health care plan already helps millions……….. It is all about the control Obama […]

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No One Is Laughing … Mr. President

No one is laughing .. Mr. President … certainly not in Arizona … or the other border states where drug crimes involving illegal immigrants has been exploding beyond  belief. Instead of facing the reality of it all …. Obama jokes .. and the governor of Arizona Jan Brewer rightfully responds……. Fast Tube by Casper No […]

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A Ho Hum Lull

A ho hum lull seems to be settling over the nation concerning Washington and all its attempts to change this country.  Is it a sense of boredom with it all … a sense of relief that Obama is turning out not to be as effective as we thought he might be with all his proclamations […]

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Revisiting History

A short vacation in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland and Pennsylvania saw me revisiting history in a manner that brought home all the conflicts of today … causing me to wish each and every American could revisit history in the same way … right now .. today. If that were […]

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