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For Those Who Doubt Hardline Muslim Goal

Many doubt the true goal of the hardline muslims. That means the Muslim Brotherhood. This should dispel that doubt instantly….  Arab Spring run amok: Brotherhood begins crucifixions.  

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Questioning The Reality Of Partial Birth Abortions?

Partial birth abortions are banned in the United States… yet there are still some who question the right of this ban … including the person sitting in the Oval Office of our White House. Read the story behind this picture and the chances are high you will never again have any doubts about the reality […]

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Stop The Blame Game

The blame game is applied to anything that goes off line in someone’s eyes … and it includes everything these days from politics to murder. It is time to stop it. The most public blame game in a while has been by this administration against President Bush .. a continuation of course from the eight […]

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Obama Restates His Lies

The economy has not improved.  It has declined more. Obama’s “new” plans? We need to spend more … spend more faster .. faster … faster. We need to accelerate our stimulus plan and spend more .. spend more .. .spend more. Well.. remember in November when we were told we had one day to pass […]

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