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Obama’s Convenient Pre Election War

  It is amazing to me … the war that is now taking place.  What amazes me is the timing of it … and the press play it is getting. Listening to Rush Limbaugh today … I realized we are really alone in this war. Is Britain there with us …  is France there with […]


The Question of Benghazi

A huge question in red stands over Benghzi regarding the terrorist attack and subsesquest murder of Ambassador Steves there on 9/11/12. That question is why did the government do nothing in reponse? Obama didn’t so much as order a look at the site … much less order an investigation of the murder. Why? He never […]


The Eagle Flies

As the pack howls … the Eagle flies. Let those who will howl.. howl.  Let those who will berate.. berate.  Let those who will take credit even if credit isn’t due .. let them take that credit.  Let those who know all the answers keep giving all the answers. Let those who doubt .. doubt. […]

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Perhaps One More Apology?

In closing the nuclear summit this week, Obama ended with this…. Fast Tube by Casper “Whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower ….. “ Was it another apology to his friends around the world who believe as he … that we .. America .. has caused more problems than any […]

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Not Out Of Context

Sara Palin .. not out of context… Fast Tube by Casper We all must be as outspoken with the truth.

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Madness Enfolds

Oh the madness of it all….. Charles Krauthammer says it all…   Nuclear nonproliferation insanity…. Prime Minister Netanyahu says no thank you.. Can you blame him? Members of Congress reamin lily white as they scold so righteously …    The whiplashing…. That is bad for you .. .and for the kids!      Removing the danger… […]

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National Security.. Lest We Forget

Lest we forget where our priorities should lie …… as our defense policy sits in the background of visibility during the healthcare battle…… Fast Tube by Casper

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Disarming America … To Set The Example

How naive is Obama? Is he as naive as he seems to be on the subject of America disarming its nukes? He said to Medvedev in Russia that it is up to Russia and America to set the example if it wants other countries to not make nuclear arms. “It’s naïve for us to think,” […]

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Obama Talking Tough Through Silence

Is Obama’s silent voice on North Korea’s missile launches his talking tough?  Hardly. Here is the response from the White House ….. In Washington, the White House had no immediate comment. But two senior officials in President Barack Obama’s administration, speaking in advance of the launches, told the Associated Press that any reaction was likely […]

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