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9/11, Obama, Politics And Terrorists

Update no.3: Coming to American schools?  Also … First rate truancy for young piano genius. (thanks to EAG News)     Update no.2: The double standard goes on and on and on and becomes more and more dangerous to us all…. Update:  Will Obama ever stop talking and DO something? He reacts to the beheading of the […]

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Obama And Our Troops And His Arrogance

Troops are being removed from Iraq.  Will they be pulled from Afghanistan? In the meantime… troops have now been sent to Uganda which is not a threat of any kind to our country .. and the mission from Washington is to stay there till the Ugandan leader is killed or captured. Why? Now Obama is […]

Hopenchange Gone Global

I am beginning to feel we  Americans owe an apology to this whole wide world … thanks to Obama and his exhilerating hopenchange which he really has taken global. Slapping Friends …  Charles Krauthammer Let’s  trust our friends have come to know Obama as we have and know he is not a reflection of some […]

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