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Final Decisions

Where is reason?  Where is common sense? Where is compassion and humanity? A child suffers a seemingly terminal disease.  He is hospitalized and deteriorates. No hope for life is given.  The parents ask to allow the child to come home with them to die. Officials say no. The child must be taken off life support […]

Bits And Pieces

Get out and vote in your state’s primaries! Just when you know nothing could get more nonsensical … this is thrown out there …  EPA wants to regulate farm dust! On the other hand .. this news offers a glimmer of hope…  Virginia says asking about immigration status is OK. However .. this OK does […]

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And So It Begins

And so it begins……… United Health Care and Blue Cross – Blue Shield in Florida have announced they will no longer offer individual children’s health insurance policies. Why? As of September 23, all insurance companies will be forced to cover any child with any disease or medical condition.  The fear of what unknown costs this […]

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The New Healthcare

Upon reading this article .. it seems as though the new healthcare we all have staring us in the face is just beginning to be written ..  that it is just now beginning to take shape… Certain tests ordered to be given free “The White House issued new rules…” New rules? How can this be? […]

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You Will Pay For All Those Abortions

“Pass the bill … then you will find out what is in it…” were Pelosi’s words of fame. We are now finding out what is in it .. just what we knew was in it long before it passed .. something that was lied about and denied by those pushing the bill down our’ throats. […]

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Still Not Sure Of Obama’s Agenda?

You will be once you view this. Fast Tube by Casper

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Freedom Is Irreplaceable

It is a sad day for America when the government can completely ignore the voice of the large majority of its people and .. using whatever is in its means including bribery .. will force something upon us that we have let them know in millions of  loud and clear voices we do not want. […]

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Why Limbaugh Wanted Obama To Fail

There is a very simple answer to why Rush Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail in his agenda. It is all here. .. and oh the bold lies that were repeated over and over and over again. Now the truth will show itself .. for all to see. The “death panel” that was not there? “The […]

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Can We Find A Silver Lining?

It is said there is a silver lining in every cloud. Can we find a silver lining in the cloud that has settled over our freedom here in the United States with last night’s vote in the House of Representatives? We have been betrayed by the very people who were elected to represent us. Our […]

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Sleight Of Hand .. Facts .. And Numbers

You can decide for yourself how honest and straightforward the facts are about Obamacare and all that goes with it. The Numbers Behind Health Care The deficit reduction brouhaha is a joke. Hear it for yourself. America …we are on the brink of a cliff. Are we about to be thrown over head first .. […]

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The Madness Thickens

The CBO has not yet been able to give out its analysis on the cost of Obamacare.. but … the Democrats are making it sound as though it has and that it has declared the bill a COST saver. How in the world can ANYTHING that promises what the idiots touting this bill are promising […]

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Trick Mirrors and Smoke Screens .. Second Edition

Trick mirrors and smoke screens by Obama … second edition. Reconciliation. Just pass the healthcare bill.  Just do it already … you guys over there in the House.  Make your recommended changes … whatever you wish.  Send them along with the signed bill. The Senate is  anxiously awaiting that bill to return to their hands. Once […]

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