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Obama’s Props

Props are used everywhere as people try to get a point across. Obama uses these props blatantly and without conscience. See an example here…… Also … see him here as he uses all he can to defend his attempt to disarm we the people. He is conscienceless and will do or say what he must […]

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The Pathetic Ironic Madness Continues

As Obama plans his dictatorial  campaign against guns … the pathetic ironic madness surely has to be evident to all who take the time to look and see. First of all… the 23 presidential “actions” taken by Obama this week encompasses measures that all lead to control control control …  just another angle of control.. this […]

Obama’s Sandy

“We are with you… will never let you down…..we are here to help..” … or words similar to these … came out of Obama’s mouth to the victims of Sandy.  He even walked arm in arm with Christie … made a grand appearance. Wow. It is cold and dark and dreary… and nothing is changing. […]


Obama’s Pathetic Use and Abuse Of Our Youth

What can be more abusive of America’s youth than the two videos that follow …. both Obama campaign videos? It is beyond disgusting. Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper VOTE. He is not only using our youth .. he is using the dire weather prediction for the east coast against Romney… Bill Clinton, […]

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Obama’s Kill List

Just a reminder to those who may have never heard of it …. as DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz … President Obama still has his “kill list” and it is very very real. The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Shultz…. Fast Tube by Casper You can read more in depth on the “kill list” here.. […]

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Credibility Approach Zero

President Obama’s credibility is moving quickly to zero with his backtracking of the Benghazi attack.. which is pointed out quite clearly by Jennifer Rubin of the Right Turn blog at the Washington Post. Perhaps it is because of that … added to the simple fact he has no record of his own to run on […]

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A Running Compilation of Obama Lies

It might be fun to keep a daily tally of the lies that come from Obama. Today’s first published one …10/16/2012 .. concerns the financial bailout … with Obama lying by saying every penny has been repaid.  The truth stands against that. This news reveals a lie from days gone by…. A123 electric car battery […]

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Where Is Our Leader?

As the Benghazi coverup continues .… where oh where is our leader? It seems years since we have had a leader in the White House. Ooops… it has been. Almost four in fact. Has there been anything at all in Obama’s term that has made you go …. “YAY …. MR. PRESIDENT!”? Not even the […]

Barocky Road Ice Cream

                                                               TODAY IS THE OLDEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN, YET THE YOUNGEST YOU’LL EVER BE, SO ENJOY THIS DAY WHILE IT LASTS. ICE CREAM !!! In […]


Scott Brown Ad And Other Things….

This Scott Brown ad says it all. Fast Tube by Casper Let America be beautiful again. Make your vote count. Is Penn State being punished in a ridiculous after-the-fact manner that only hurts more innocent people? Think about it. The person who committed the awful tragedy in Aurora is of course a sick man. No one […]

Uncommon Knowledge

From the pages of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson comes this wisdom …. through the mouth of  Rick Perry … governor of Texas…. “You keep the taxes as low as you can on those job creators. You have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable and a legal system that does not allow for […]

Obama and Corporate Jet Fleets

Did not Obama shame the auto companies into grounding their corporate jet fleets? Guess he has his favorites.  Good for Senator Grassley! Wonder if General Motors is back in the air yet?  Just wondering.