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You Too Can Be Free Of Obamacare Mandate

Now there is a simple way for each and every one of us to be free of the Obamacare mandate.  It just is not being publicized very heavily or visibly. Go to the following link …. read all about it. Obamacare’s secret mandate exemption. Interesting indeed. Go for it … people! Here is the actual […]

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Life Is Directly Affected By Obamacare

For anyone who is saying Obamacare is the greatest thing to come along since life itself …. there is something you really should become aware of. Life is being affected by Obamacare …. and not in a good way. A young man with a very honed skill in dentistry …. creating the crowns and teeth […]


Two Images Made By Obama

    UPDATE: White House blocks access to Obama events, news groups say. Two images clashed in my mind today in a way that made Obama and what he is intending for our great country more clear than ever. The first image came from reading about a woman in the state of Washington who was […]


Obama’s Main Concern About Insurance Mess

President Obama has one and only one concern concerning the whole Obamacare mess… “Don’t blame me!” It says that loudly and clearly in this statement from him in his announcement to “fix” the mess for all those millions who have lost their insurance plans…. “What we want to do is to be able to say […]


The Truth About Obamacare Becomes Painfully Clear

UPDATE: President Obama lies to cover his lie.… and the old saying… “…oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive …..” becomes once again painfully clear… as it has in so many words of Obama. Of course .. you can always blame the insurance companies too… after all.. someone needs […]


One More Obama Insult To We The People

Latest update:  Latest insults to the American people are wide and varied … and our fight for our freedom against our own administration continues … at an incomprehensible level … and if the Republicans don’t stand tough … we just may lose this war… Cheap tricks of the game….  U.S. cemetery in Normandy and all […]

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Speaker Boehner Asks For Fair Break For All Americans

Even as Obamacare is set to kick in this week …. Speaker of the House John Boehner has called on his fellow Republicans to continue fighting for a fair break for all in this law … by putting it off for a year to make sure all Americans are treated fairly within the law. The […]

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Finally The House Gets It

Defund Obamacare at any cost. Finally the members of the House of Representatives seem to see what they were put into office to do three long years ago. Stay on it now. Defund then repeal Obamacare ….. at any cost. The freedom of we the people is worth it.  We cannot allow the fight of […]


Something Every American Must Know About Obamacare

  Obamacare will ask you about your sex life……. This is for you who do not already know this. Take it to heart for it is real. Call your Congressman over and over and over again. Tell him/her to defund then repeal Obamacare. It is the greatest freedom destroyer this country has ever come across. […]

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Obamacare Alert

Following is an update on the state of our healthcare today … Obamacare … a foresight into what is ahead for us all…..     Okay folks, I know you think the C-Span Channel that broadcasts all those Congressional hearings is boring, but, really, you should have been around to watch the Senate Finance Committee’s  hearing Wednesday […]

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Cancer Treatment Cut As White House Plans Rock Gala

Medicare cancer patients who need it most are being cut off from their treatment as the White House plans a great rock party.… and all because of the “sequestration” as the Obama “squeeze” goes deeper. Is their something wrong with this picture? Of course there is but who in Washnigton … in this administration of […]

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Obama, Freedom and History

Are you worried that our American clergy will back down and give Obama his way in telling them what to do? The Church of Obama …  written by Mark Stein … is a  must read. History. Those who don’t know it are bound  to repeat it. We must … just MUST … get Obama out […]