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Healthcare 2011

Now that Obama’s healthcare has begun to kick in .. have you noticed a difference in yours? If not … you are fortunate indeed. Here are some changes in one basic family healthcare plan. An annual physical was always a must.  Now three further screenings are mandatory … a bodyfat screen, a nicotine screen and […]

The New Healthcare

Upon reading this article .. it seems as though the new healthcare we all have staring us in the face is just beginning to be written ..  that it is just now beginning to take shape… Certain tests ordered to be given free “The White House issued new rules…” New rules? How can this be? […]

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The Ultimate Insult

So you thought this health plan of Obama’s would be a good thing .. maybe? Here is the ultimate insult set forth in it… Every American’s OBESITY rating will be on his/her electronic health record. Believe me .. .  there is no way on earth my health record of any kind will be tracked online […]

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Help Obamacare Get Repealed

If you are as upset about Obamacare as most Americans are .. you can help in getting it set up for repeal. A discharge petition is being circulated for signatures in the U.S. House of Represesntatives …. a petition set up by Steve King of Iowa. As of today … it is halfway there.. with […]

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On To The Death Panels

And now that Obamacare has passed … the New York Times is asking the question… “How can we learn to say no?” Oh.. the arguments sound all so great and thoughtful and good …. after all … who doesn’t know of at least one person who goes to the doctor much more than they would […]

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Caterpillar annouced that the passing of Obamacare would cost them $100 million dollars in the first year.   Verizon said it would cause them to most likely cut healthcare benefits to employees to pay for what it will cost them.  Meditronic said the new tax on its products will cause them to lay off thousands of […]

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Why Do We Wonder?

We wonder why and how Americans could back Obama in any way shape or form.  No one who values their freedom could possibly stand up and say “Yay Obama!” Could they? Read these poll results from CBS News and you will no longer have to wonder why. This poll is about the favorability standing of […]

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Obama Healthcare Poster Person

Natoma Canfield is a cancer patient in Ohio who wrote a letter to Obama saying how she was forced to give up her health care insurance due to the price… and that she cannot afford care. This was a bit of a deception. Ms. Canfield is at present being treated at the Cleveland Clinic .. […]

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Latest House Vote Standings On Obamacare

Get the latest standings on how the Representatives in the House will vote here. You can contact any of them by finding their phone numbers here. Get the emails and fax numbers here. Go here for a list of those still possibly on the fence …. … Let’s stop this madness … get our country […]

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We MUST Fear Obamacare

We must fear Obamacare if we value our freedom. This beaureucratic takeover of our heathcare system has ever so much more to do with things other than healthcare.  Healthcare just happens to be the tool being used to take over just over 17% of our economy … as most of us now know. The cry […]

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Our Health Care Has Become A Commodity

Our health care has become nothing more than a commodity in the eyes of some senators in Washington. Just how far  could $300 million dollars go toward giving those so-called millions of Americans who are out of health care …. good health care? That is the amount of money supposedly by her own admittance Louisiana’s […]

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Obama Truth

Does truth have a part in Obama’s administration at all? The more you read and hear and see … the less it seems possible. Truth obviously has no bearing on anything this administration does.  Obama needs people who will fall at at his feet …  following in his steps with no questions asked and he […]

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