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Barocky Road Ice Cream

                                                               TODAY IS THE OLDEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN, YET THE YOUNGEST YOU’LL EVER BE, SO ENJOY THIS DAY WHILE IT LASTS. ICE CREAM !!! In […]


Numbers Work Their Magic For Obama

Wow. Obama is at it like mad now…. fixing those numbers.  They are jumping by leaps and bounds…. or falling as the need calls for…. and how much will it take to make sure gas is down to $2.31/gal for the last week in October and the first week in November? Shocking … astonishing … […]

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Emporer Obama?

No one who cares about we the people puts himself in a position of being above and greater than we the people.  What does the above sculpture speak to you? The Democrats would like you to believe Mitt Romney has no interest in speaking of the war we are  involved in.  The following speaks the […]

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The Problem With Obama

The following is a sample of one main problem with Obama … his lack of values … illustrated so clearly here in this appointee…. Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission nominee and subsequent approval by the Senate…  “society should not tolerate private beliefs that adversely affect homosexuals..” His basic problem for all of us is his […]

Obamanation Takes Shape

As Obama continues to weaken out military in every way .. and gives our local police forces drones and military assault weapons.. just as he said he wanted to do… to form a national security force larger and more well funded than our military ..  as he forces the coming closing of coal powered power […]

Obama And Our Military Healthcare

One of the main duties of the president of our country is to provide for our military defense. Obama seems to look at our military as the first and only source of cutting spending.. as he plans to cut it by thousands of men and now is ordering their healthcare to be raised by 345% […]

Michelle And Your Child’s Lunch

Michelle Obama seems to have far reaching hands… to the point that now even your child’s lunches sent to school from home can be under federally ordered inspection by a state inspector and if it is deemed not heathy enough.. your child will be forced to eat what the school provides. You can read here […]

Obama, Freedom and History

Are you worried that our American clergy will back down and give Obama his way in telling them what to do? The Church of Obama …  written by Mark Stein … is a  must read. History. Those who don’t know it are bound  to repeat it. We must … just MUST … get Obama out […]

Obama And His Continuing Assault On America

Who is watching out for we the people and this great nation of ours? Certainly not Obama or Hillary … as is shown here. Obama will not stop until we have lost every freedom and our country has lost every bit of its sovereignty. It is groups like the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers who […]

Obama Ravaging The Fabric of Our Lives

Obama administration orders army chaplains to refrain from reading letter concerning the forceful procurement of birth control under Obamacare… … and this is one more serious assault on our freedom  … this time the assault not only being against our freedom of religion .. but also against our freedom of speech….as Obama’s assault on the […]

Desperate For Votes?

Obama has initiated a few new things that resonate with a desperation for votes. First .. he is using foreign aid … that’s our money .. folks … as a tool to force other countries to do his bidding concerning gays. US to use foreign aid to promote gay rights…  That should ring quite a […]

The Obama March

The Obama march gets more and more high stepped with time … as he becomes more and more removed from reality in that same time… and..   the hits keep right on coming   .. as Air Force bounces US manufacturer for Brailian competitor … a competitor who is being probed for corruption and Obama still […]