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Lest We Forget

General Motors reports a huge profit this quarter … back to back with last quarter. Lest we forget … General Motors is now Government Motors… all controlled by Obama. As he works to try to force us to believe everything he is doing is just the opposite of what he is truly doing … what […]

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Bits And Pieces

Get out and vote in your state’s primaries! Just when you know nothing could get more nonsensical … this is thrown out there …  EPA wants to regulate farm dust! On the other hand .. this news offers a glimmer of hope…  Virginia says asking about immigration status is OK. However .. this OK does […]

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Bits And Pieces

Perhaps you would like to know where some of your tax dollars are going this beautiful summer morning.  In Detroit .. or rather … Birmingham .. adjoining Detroit .. a “free” breakfast is being handed out to whoever shows up at a breakfast house there .. paid for by your dollars given to Chrysler by […]

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Deception Is The Name Of The Game

Words can be put together to depict whatever the writer wants them to depict. They are only as accurate as the writer is honest. This adminsitration and all connected to it and praising it … live under an umbrella of deception.   Reality .. honesty .. truth have no factor at all in anything that […]

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Can It Get More Nauseating?

Here the media pushes hard to pat Obama on the back for doing such a super great job with Government Motors … telling us all that of course it was the right thing for him.. Obama … to do… to take over General Motors. Just think of where the company would be today if he […]

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Let’s Beat On Toyota

Wed. 2/24 Update: From the Detroit News …  FBI searches 3 local auto suppliers .. and you guessed it… they are tied to Toyota. Wed. 2/23 Let’s beat on Toyota … because we can. That seems to be the logic in this administration. Oh .. Obama is far away from the center but you know […]

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Gas Prices Soar To Silence

Last year gas prices went up …. up high .. and the screaming went up higher .. especially from those hating Bush. It was all Bush’s fault!  Investigate those oil companies!  Tax them!  Windfall taxes! They are making way way way too much money! The headlines went on and on and on… and then … lo […]

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Chinese Hummers .. Made In USA

Hummer is sold to a Chinese company.  Don’t think for a minute this was GM’s idea.  There is no GM anymore.   It is all Obama and it is all politics.  What is the rationale behind a sale like this?  Hummer will still be sold in the USA.. even made here.. but all profits will […]

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