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Obama Will Not Tolerate Inaction

The amazing gall of Obama continues to be flabbergasting. In his speech last night to the nation concerning the oil spill in the Gulf … he dared to say there is one thing he will not tolerate .. in reference to doing something about “cap and trade” or something .. .was inaction. He.. the trophy […]

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A Black Cloud Pesters Us This Memorial Day

It is a day of honoring our troops …. all of our Armed Forces … all those in the past through today. The President of the United States has traditionally placed a memorial wreath at  the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary on this day. Today that tradition was broken by Obama.  He […]

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Fantasy Or Insanity?

It wasn’t the fact that Obama hadn’t had a single press conference since July of 2009 that was mind boggling about his appearance today. It wasn’t the fact that he may or may not have had teleprompters. It was the words that came out of his mouth.  It was almost impossible to believe the words […]

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Bits And Pieces

Obama has a new strategy. Just DO it! What an innovative leader we have .. would you not agree?  Here Governor Jindal of Louisiana has been trying to get a permit to build some sandbars off the coast of Louisiana to divert the oil away form its coastline .. to soak it up .. and […]

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The Longest Shadow

Chris Dodd blames Bush for the oil spill. Why is that so unsurprising?  We all know the answer to that. Why take responsibility for doing something about something that makes you uncomfortable to even think about if you can simply find some one to blame for the situation .. allowing you to then  wipe your […]

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You Cut … Let Your Voice Be Heard

You Cut is a new program where you can really let your voice be heard in Congress. Have you called and called and emailed and faxed your opinions over and over and over again and felt no one has heard you? Have you come to feel as though there is no one in Washington who […]

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Do As We Say .. Not As We Do

Can you .. an American citizen … walk in to Mexico … get work there.. stay there without legal permission? No .. and the President of Mexico … Calderon … says so very clearly. Yet .. he has the nerve to come over to our country and denounce the nerve of America to demand that […]

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The Dying Embers?

OK.. you tell me. Are the Republicans being smart here … in dealing with the financial reform bill the Senate is attempting to pass … or are they serious about what they ask for? Interesting. One way to make sure those dying embers keep fading. With yesterdays’ primary results .. those dying embers look dimmer […]

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American Banks Destroy Greece?

America’s long hand of destruction reaches around the world .. if you listen to Greece .. who is threatening to sue American banks for its economic downfall. Unbelievable. Here is a country whose people have been allowed to become completely dependant on the government of their country for all their needs. No government makes money […]


While We Sleep

Awful things can happen while we sleep. One such is the bill in Congress right now that would require states to track the BODY MASS of all children 2 through 18 and report it to the federal health department each year… report to the “federal fat police”. Can you believe that? Another bill about to […]

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Our Out Of Control Congress

This Congress is more out of control than most can possibly relate to. In a time when the cost of liberal entitlement programs have culminated in the downfall of countries like Greece to the point the world has to bail them out… our Congress continues to propose more and more and more spending. Democratic leaders […]

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The Twin Winners .. No Matter What

No matter what ..  twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be winners.  Obama has said so.  He has promised to subsidize those two hard working American’s money suckers for as long and with as much of our money as they want…. for as long as they ask for it. After showing a $13 billion […]

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