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The All American President … W

Yesterday we may have been witness to one of “those” moments … the ones that come along only once or twice in a generation. It was the unveiling and dedication of the George W. Bush Library and it was dominated by class … from the national anthem to the pomp and circumstances of the ceremony […]

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And So It Begins…But Who Will Give Us Our Own Oil?

And so it begins… the mad  race to November 2012… with Newt Gingrich making it official and Mitt Romney making it official. If either one of them .. or any one else out there who seriously wants to win .. would make opening all oil sources in the United States his or hers first priority […]

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Obama Will Not Tolerate Inaction

The amazing gall of Obama continues to be flabbergasting. In his speech last night to the nation concerning the oil spill in the Gulf … he dared to say there is one thing he will not tolerate .. in reference to doing something about “cap and trade” or something .. .was inaction. He.. the trophy […]

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Washington D.C.s Top Ten Most Corrupt Politicians … 2009

Here is a very interesting list … nice to know who is running our country .. after all……. Judicial  Watch’s top ten list of most corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. for 2009. So.. the feelings you have had were correct .. .and not political.  What we have seen was real .. and not percieved out […]

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Obama’s Memory Lapse

In his own words … a slight contradiction to actions of the day? Fast Tube by Casper Now health care has to be passed by August 1st … the energy bill has to be passed by September.  Cannot allow anyone time to read those bills and see what is really in them … just like […]

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What About That Birth Certificate?

‘..we have seen it… it is real … it is in Hawaii… it was burned so there is no record left of the birth certificate …. etc etc etc…” The obsession grows. Fast Tube by Casper Just where was Obama really born? Is he “legally” sitting in the Oval Office? Simple way to solve it […]

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