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America’s Religion War

Do not think for a moment there is no war on religion going on in our great country. It was  on June 25, 1962 that the first ban on Christianity in our schools was enacted when all were stopped from saying prayers in public schools … the separation of church and state of course. Perhaps you remember the […]

Annie Oakley vs Jimi Hendrix

A very intersting contrast came about in two separate stories I heard today .. one concerning Annie Oakley and the other Jimi Hendrix. An elementary school age daughter of a friend of mine was given a school assignment that required her to do a biography of a famous person. Annie Oakley came to mind in […]

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Better Schooling For Our Kids

Obama’s next push? We must make the school days longer .. after all we are not producing children educated on the same scale as Korea. Make the days longer? What about making the hours that our chldren already spend in school worth something? It would be great if each of our teachers in the public […]

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