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No … Melissa … We Are Not Responsible

Does MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry really think we should feel somehow responsible for or connected to those responsible for the Boston bombings? Making the point that the Tsarnaev brothers’ Muslim faith at the moment bears little relevance to the investigation into the brothers’ decision to attack the Boston Marathon last week, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry […]


Remember Fort Hood?

As we deal with the very sad reality that we have a President who refuses for whatever reasons to admit that our embassy in Benghazi was attacked on September 11, 2012 by terrorists … or at least refused until pressured … how many Americans remember the massacre at Fort Hood? Do you remember how Obama […]

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…remembering….. Fast Tube by Casper … honoring..… Fast Tube by Casper  

Respect Of 3000 Plus The Imam

We do have a right to be objecting to the mosque being built next to Ground Zero.  Three thousand American lives give us that right. Now is shown it is the Imam of that mosque that gives our reason to object added ground … as if 3000 lives weren’t enough. Without knowing anything about the […]

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Nothing To Fear

Terrorists no longer have anything to fear from America. Today Attorney General Holder appointed a special prosecuter to investigate all those who so ingloriously “tortured”  terrorist suspects following 9/11.  Never mind if they were terrorists jumping in glee at the success of their compatriots in the 9/11 attack.  Never mind if they were complicit in […]

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And They Are Released WHERE?

If you need a convincing reason not to close Guantanamo Bay prison.. here it is…. One released prisoner is leading the Taliban in leading the fight against United States marines in Afghanistan. And you think they should be brought to our shores … to be kept in our prisons.. on our land? Perhaps more should […]

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What Lengths For Money?

Marion, IL governor is now plying for the right to house inmates from Guantanamo Bay prison. Why? He would welcome the jobs and money it will bring. Irregardless of the money or jobs .. do these terrorists have any right to be allowed to step a foot on American soil for any reason at all? […]

Convicted Terrorist Can Sue Government Lawyer

If this doesn’t make you wonder what is happeing to our country .. nothing will. A judge has ruled a convicted terrorist in California can sue a BUSH government lawyer … go on and read it.


Facing questions at a Senate hearing yesterday concerning the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison and the relocation of the prisoners held there … Attorney General Holder said  “”We don’t have any plans to release terrorists.” However .. “he also said some of the Guantanamo Bay prison inmates will be released in the United States  … […]

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Protect Those Terrorists!

Protect those terrorists! That unbelievably seems to be the call from Washington. First the prison holding terrorists was ordered closed… with the terrorists perhaps being moved into the United States where maybe they can go to “school” … then memos were revealed to the world by Obama that never should have been revealed… memos concerning […]

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