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Obama No Leader..Just A Would Be Ruler

Obama never has been .. never will be .. never wanted to be … a leader. All he chooses to be is a full time ruler. Obama’s rule:    he demands … you must follow… and ‘do it now!’ What he has done to this country is reprehensible … It took two hundred twelve years […]

The Madding Game

Watch this …. … the flooding in Minot, North Dakota. .. then see what our First Lady is seeing… …  in Africa .. on vacation with her two daughters? Guess their hearts are in Africa. What about we the people … who happen to be the ones paying for that trip they are on? How […]

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Memorial Day 2011

  Fast Tube by Casper     [[[War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence From American Wars]]] Andrew Carroll

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And So It Begins…But Who Will Give Us Our Own Oil?

And so it begins… the mad  race to November 2012… with Newt Gingrich making it official and Mitt Romney making it official. If either one of them .. or any one else out there who seriously wants to win .. would make opening all oil sources in the United States his or hers first priority […]

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Van Jones Is Deadly To Our Freedom

Van Jones is deadly to our freedom and deadly serious about stripping us of every shred of it. Van Jones: We are coming for the media and that’s not all. Tell me something I don’t know. The big take-away that people are getting from this is how they want to take over the media. We […]

Hammering The Truth

Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) is busy slamming the truth spoken by his Republican opponent Ken Buck. Of course .. this is not news.  It is the slamming of the truth that has brought the Democrats to the point at which we find them today … being laid bare just for who and what they are. […]

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Signing Away Freedom

A dear old family friend who came to the United States at the time of the holocaust once said … “Americans don’t realize that with every permit they are required to purchase .. one more bit of their freedom has been lost.” Our government has been signing away our freedom at a hysterically ridiculous rate […]

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Bits And Pieces

The PayAs You Go bill … robbing Peter to pay Paul… Cut food stamps to pay for Michelle’s “dream”.. called Let’s Move. Underlying shenanigans .. with taxpayers money? “First time” homeowner takes advantage of American Dream Downpayment Initiative. Hmmmm… “When something is free, until some point of satiation, you will take up a lot of […]

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More Than A Millstone

As unemployment stays high … as the economy stays flat … as people struggle to redo their budgets to reflect this and survive … Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report calls this state of our economy a “millstone around the Democrats’  necks”. It is much more than that. It is the truth .. the […]

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Independence Day 2010

Fast Tube by Casper May God save our American states. Read the full Declaration of Independence

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Usual Order Of Obama Administration .. Pretend And Lie

The usual order of the Obama administration has remained intact with the news of the arrest of many conspirators in a Russian spy ring in Northeastern states that has been under investigation for the past ten years … pretend and lie… and of course do not put America first ever. The first order of the […]

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Call Another Hearing!

What has Obama done to aid in the oil spill mess?  Called hearings! He seems more interested in seeing just whose “ass he can kick” and who he can fine and who he can prosecute rather than how can the Gulf be helped. He refuses to waive the Jones Act to get whatever help we […]

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