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Biden Laughs At The Issues

Fast Tube by Casper Now …. after laughing at the issues and denying he had any knowledge at all of the requests from our embassy in Benghazi … comes the official  notification from Ben Rhodes … the Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications … that neither Obama or Biden knew anything at all about those requests. […]

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To Our Troops….

My Country Tis Of Thee … the song on the welocme page of this blog says it all… and listening to it always always brings me to the troops who are so far away from home and standing between us and devastation with their lives … and this war on terror is the worst yet […]

Majestic Dignity, Towering Strength and Taps

As daylight faded from the sky .. the sound of taps still lingered .. though long gone… and the majestic dignity, the towering strength displayed this day cannot be erased. Jonah McClellan was laid to rest and the mark of our God and our military was left on every heart who witnessed this. God has […]

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He Was On That Helicopter

She walked in .. eyes red. “Jonah was on that helicopter.” The sock into the stomach could not have been harder.  It takes the breath away .. causes you to not be able to move. Jonah McClellan .. ace Blackhawk helicopter pilot … died a hero along with eight fellow heroes on a helicopter that […]

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Navy Seals Triumph

Great news of the day …… the Seals triumph … In a position they never ever should have been in … three Navy Seals have triumphed.  They have been acquitted of “abusing” the very highly sought terrorist who they brought in … the same terrorist who killed three Americans and hung their bodies from a […]

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Demand The SEALS Release

There are three Navy Seals .. the toughest and brightest in our military anywhere … who are sitting awaiting procescution in a military court while the goon who just attempted to bomb an airplane over Detroit sits in a Federal prison in Milan , Michigan with a court appointed lawyer … perhaps getting ready for […]

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Don’t Blame Airport Security

Airport security is taking a hit today .. an unfair hit. The almost bombing of Northwest flight 253 was just that .. an almost bombing. It was a statement of just how advanced our airport security has become . This man had to sew powder into his underwear to get it on the plane.  Of […]

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Obama And The 253 Bomber

Listening to Obama’s bland response once again to the Northwest attack over Detroit on Christmas Day … it came to mind that perhaps there are some reasons for his blandness. He just does not want to deal with this.  It goes against his beliefs. Obama’s War On Terror Also… the reason it happened surely is […]

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The Price Of Freedom

Our great ally … Great Britain … loses one of its finest. No more need be said .. other than great reporting from Michael Yon and a salute to all the families of all the finest whom have given their lives so we may live free … all those from here at home and those […]

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It Just Had To Come To This

How could it not have come to this .. Obama ready to accept the Taliban as part of Afghanistan’s rule .. even to relegating a portion of the country to them. He must be planning some diplomatic talks with them by now.. don’t you think? Though aides stress that the president’s final decision on any […]

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The Taliban Reaches Out

The Taliban has a reassuring statement to pass on to everyone … “We had and have no plan of harming countries of the world, including those in Europe… our goal is the independence of the country and the building of an Islamic state,” the Taliban said in a statement on the group’s website “Still, […]

Obama Stepping Up

Obama .. stepping up to an Afghanistan decision…. … and politics comes first…. always always comes first with Obama … as is illustrated below so clearly in the analysis of what may come in to play in that decision for Afghanistan  …. An alternative to the current strategy, backed by Vice President Joe Biden, would […]

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