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Prince Harry And The Spirit Of Diana

  Is it my imagination … or has the media at times seemed to want Kate to be the new Diana? I am sure Queen Elizabeth and those surrounding her do not share that desire … however strong or wishful it may be on the media’s part. However … instead of looking for a new […]

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Qaddafi Rule To Sharia Law?

As the confusion goes on in Libya … as Obama stands up to take praise for the ‘liberation’ of Libya … what is really happening there? It had been reported … as it had been when Egypt was fighting for its ‘liberation’.. that a substantial portion of the backers of these revolutions were made up […]

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The Eagle Flies

As the pack howls … the Eagle flies. Let those who will howl.. howl.  Let those who will berate.. berate.  Let those who will take credit even if credit isn’t due .. let them take that credit.  Let those who know all the answers keep giving all the answers. Let those who doubt .. doubt. […]

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American Banks Destroy Greece?

America’s long hand of destruction reaches around the world .. if you listen to Greece .. who is threatening to sue American banks for its economic downfall. Unbelievable. Here is a country whose people have been allowed to become completely dependant on the government of their country for all their needs. No government makes money […]


A Huge Leap Of Weakness

So now Obama has capitulated to Putin. By scrapping the missile defense shield project in Europe …. Obama has taken that huge leap telling the world …. ‘we are really close now… we are so close to doing no more bullying things… trust us … we will get there completely very soon now..’ Seeing Obama […]

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The Honduras “Crisis”

The only crisis in Honduras seems to be that the people do not want Zelaya.. the ousted president .. back in office. Mr. Zelaya said he is ready to accept in principal points set forth to settle the matter by a mediator appointed to end the matter. One problem .. the interim government of Micheletti […]

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The Anonymous Ones

“..source remains anonymous”…… Is it because more and more people working closely with this adminsitration are becoming aware of the ridiculous claims .. the abject deceit by default it is performing .. that they do not want themselves identified? Is it because they fear for what may befall them in the days ahead should their […]

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Obama’s Neglect

Obama wants to be called President.  He has not yet deserved that high name in my eyes … and his chances of getting it from me has dropped even lower since his total neglect in standing up for those poor people in Iran who are giving their lives in the name of their battle for […]


Iran.. Tyranny Against The People

Iran annouces a landslide victory in Iran for Ahmadinejad as it blacks out the country from the rest of the world … and a Senior U.S. official says yes … the election was fixed .. as the Iranian people know it was. Here is the result of tyranny against the people who just want democracy […]


Oh Madonna..What Have You Done?

Someone should really tell Madonna that aging gracefully is so much more attractive than having your face blown up like a balloon.  Sometime it is going to have to go down.. don’t you think? Your bone structure is fine enough to carry you into old age .. Madonna. Trust it. Madonna today.