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Celebrating Christmas Without Christ


It just makes absolutely no sense of course … to celebrate Christmas without having Christ in it.  After all … it is His birthday we are celebrating.

Seems like quite a bit more than being sacrilegious to shut people up simply because they wish to use the word Christmas in relation to Christmas.

Seems a bit insane … really.

That is exactly what happened around our country this past week … as the American Legion re-declared its “war” on having Christ in Christmas … including any reference to His name in any shape or form.

A group of school children went to sing Christmas carols at a VA hospital in Augusta, Georgia and were told they could only sing government “approved” carols … which were songs with no reference to Christ in them in any way, shape or form.

Frosty the Snowman?  Of course!  Perhaps we should call it Merry Frosty … or perhaps Merry Rudolf … or better yet … Merry Santa!


In Iowa City, American Legion members were told they could not hand out any gifts to veterans at the VA hospital there if the wrapping had Merry Christmas on it.

In Dallas, children were not allowed to hand out Christmas cards to veterans in a VA hospital there if they had Merry Christmas or God Bless You on them.

Beyond insanity.

Does this ring a scary bell to any of you out there who are familiar with world history ….especially that leading up to World War ll?

Dark and onerous times … are we really living in them now?

Speak up …. people!

This is OUR country.  It does not belong to our government.  It does not belong to Obama .. or whoever else it may be setting these “rules” that are stomping out each and every freedom that those very veterans in those VA hospitals fought to protect.

Stand up.

It is up to us now.

You can read more of these atrocities here….. Todd Starnes .. Fox News