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Checks And Balances In Washington Are Imperative

The genius of the writer’s of our Constitution is easily seen in the system of checks and balances that it set up in our federal government.

Those checks and balances are a imperative in the retention of our freedom as a republic.  They prevent one branch of the government from taking control and taking our country from a republic to a dictatorship.

Negotiations and compromise have always been an integral part of the governing process.  Never has a  president stood up and absolutely refused to negotiate … until now.

President Obama called our Constitution a “flawed document” and promised to fundamentally transform this country.  He did not say then that he intended to do it in spite of what any of we the people felt or wanted.

That is just what he is demanding the other branches of government to allow him to do now.

He absolutely refuses to negotiate until he is given all he demands.

He is doing his best to absolutely refuse to allow Congress to work as it is intended to work,

The House must stand strong and do its job in spite of President Obama.

He is not a dictator.