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Chinese Hummers .. Made In USA

Hummer is sold to a Chinese company.  Don’t think for a minute this was GM’s idea.  There is no GM anymore.  

It is all Obama and it is all politics. 

What is the rationale behind a sale like this?  Hummer will still be sold in the USA.. even made here.. but all profits will now go to China.

Makes you wonder what deal Obama made under the table with China … for you know there was one.  Everything Obama does is calculating .. how it will benefit him .. how it will help him get the end he works for… all politics.

He wants no big gas guzzlers running around the roads of our country.  What end will the Hummer finally meet?

Can’t help but wonder.

In the meantime … the mess he has made of the auto world here .. in the USA .. is almost unbelievable.

Ford sales are now picking up … as did GM’s last month.  Chrysler was down and no doubt will continue to go down … as GM’s will now that Obama has completed his destruction of it by bringing it into bankruptcy.

The sad thing is GM and Chrylser could have done what they had to do on their own and stayed viable.  The up and down swings are an unending part of the economic cycle.

Can’t wait to see what the ultimate plan for Hummer is.

You know this is not the end of it.

Politics.  All politics now.

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