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Chrysler’s Bankruptcy and Takeover

As Chrylers’s bankruptcy filing and takeover goes on there are questions everywhere.

The UAW .. who has not put a penny into Chrysler’s purchase owns 55% of the company.

Those creditors who have kept Chrysler running are kicked to the ditch.

Obama says Fiat will get nothing until all taxpayer money is repaid yet he at the same time says Fiat will get millions of dollars to be able to operate for years .. all  American taxpayer money.. while Fiat has not put a penny up of its own for this company.

How is all of this happening without anyone seemingly standing up to try to stop it or is it beyond the scope of anyone’s ability to stop it because of the seat Obama sits in?

Obama seeks to throw out all Chrysler debts.. just fhrow them out and give the company  to Fiat and the Uaw .. no questions asked.

GIVE it to them.

There are questions everywhere with this Chrysler mess just as there are with eveything Obama has done and is doing.

It all flies in the face of what this country stands for.. which is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… not the taking of something from someone to hand it to someone elses .. the “redistribution of wealth” which Obama has his agenda set upon and is obviously acting upon from every angle.

The pathetic part is this “redistribution” will never get to the little guy. Never.

Do you think the fact that the UAW will own 55% of Chrysler will mean anything to that “little guy”?

How many jobs will be permanently lost?

How many jobs are shut down at this moment?

The brass who profess to represent and work for the Little Guy sit in a league of their own .. one which will hang on to the money … trickle crumbs to the floor.

Trick of the mirrors.

Time will tell… but can we afford that time?

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