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C’mon GOP..No More Short Term Anything!

The GOP leaders in the House are now mulling about raising the debt ceiling on another short term basis?

What are they thinking?

Where oh where has common sense gone?

We had an election last November and the results of that election spoke loudly and clearly  about what we the people want.

We want an end to spending in Washington…we want an end to big govenment taking from us that which is rightfully ours .. including all of our freedom… and we want Washington to be made to give our country back to we the people.

What in that do those new electees of November in Washington not understand?

Why do they think it is okey to bow to those in Washington whom they were put in office with the confidence that they would put a stop to what those same ones they want to bow to are doing?

First we had all the “continuing resolutions”.  That was way past bad enough.

Now we have them talking about a short term ceiling hike??????????


STOP this madness once and for all.

It was bad enough that yesterday we had the head of General Motors …. the CEO OF A CAR COMPANY … calling for HIGHER GAS TAXES. That was bizarre enough… for in doing that he was going against everything his company stands for .. his emplyees work for… but .. of course .. he is owned by Obama… so did he have a choice?

Of course he did.  He could have said NO.  Perhaps he would be fired by Obama if he did.. but at least he would have maintained his honor.

Now we have those in Washington who are faced with the same sort of thing.  Bow down to the almighty O ….  and go against all that we the people are depedning on them for… or stand up and say NO … maintaining their honor and integrity and pushing on for the fight for our freedom.

How can they do any less????


And now we have Obama promising to bail Greece out..……………………

And.. the Fed Dept of Education ordering a SWAT team to invade a private home about a student loan…….