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Common Sense And Logic

Looking for common senes and logic….

I went shopping yesterday … taking along a credit card and nothing more since I had no cash. The first shop I entered had a terrific buy on something that would have made my life so much easier if I just had it …  so of course I decided I should buy it.

However .. just as I was about to pick it up and take it to the checkout clerk … I heard a voice asking me if I was being responsible … after all I didn’t really need it.

Common sense  stopped me.

Leaving the store I patted myself on the back for having saved all that money.

I didn’t save a penny of course.  I just didn’t spend any of my yet unearned income … money I did not have and had no right to spend.

Logic told me that.

Perhaps this is what Obama is proposing in his budget that just came out.  He will save so much money by not spending all of what he was proposing to spend initially.

This of course is madness and just more use of sleight of hand and trick mirrors to try once more to fool the people… of which there are still many out there able to be fooled… unbelievably.  These are the ones asleep in their reverie …. hearing only the promises of eutopia that have nothing to do with reality… along with those who are getting real promises fulfilled via money in their pockets by standing firm with Obama .. no matter what the cost to this country may be.

The government must stop spending on entitlements … which of course is the giving and giving and giving to those who will not work to get it and taking taking taking from those whom have and are working for all they have.. only to have the government take it away and give it to those who won’t.

It is a vicious cycle that takes away the freedom of us all and the incentive of us all.  How long does it take for those who are being given everything to forget that nothing is free .. or to not care who is paying their way?  How long does it take for a person who is being given to really start believing that it is owed to him/her?  How long does it take for a hard working person to finally say “forget it” when half of what he earns is taken away and given to those who earn nothing?

This administration must also not be allowed to pick and choose which companies it wishes to be its headrunner in its market .. such as it did with the auto companies when it took over General Motors .. whom the government and the UAW still control.

We all know the story by now.

The government has spent billions of our dollars to prop GM up.  Now.. before it has proven itself hardly at all… while it still owes us all that money .. while so many who had been so loyal to that company for so long are out with not a penny for their investments .. its employees are getting record size bonuses.   Have they earned them?  Really?  Should the company not be held responsible to repay the taxpayers money first?  That also goes for Chrysler .. who is deep in the red .. but is also giving record bonuses to its employees … while still owing we the taxpayers billions.

The government and the union .. patting each other’s backs … taking care of its own?  It is taxpayers’ money they are using. It would be a completely different picture if the UAW had gotten rid of its shares as it said it would and if Obama would draw out of the company completely as he said he would.

Do we have the fighters we need in Washington now to stand firm against this madness?  It is the same old story … and that is that we had better hope we do .. and we had better keep in touch with them … letting them know we are behind them in their fight and will be watching them if they don’t fight hard enough.

Our votes do count and they know it.

Will that be enough to give them the backbone to keep up the fight no matter what?

Nothing will be enough if they do not call on common sense and logic.

By the way … it is just amazing to listen to Obama today as he lectures who knows who about “if you are truly serious about caring about the deficit”.  Does he really believe he is one of those who has and does???

Amazing madness.