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Common Sense Fought Against Vigorously In Colorado School

colorado school accused of forcing political views on stsudents for adopting policy to focus on patriotism and citizenship in history rather than civil uprising




















Emphasizing patriotism and citizenship in our history is now seen as an attempt by “conservatives” to influence children with the political views of those “conservatives”.

You can read the details here.

I guess anything that has to do with common sense and pure simple decency is now an affliction that the “right” is infected with.

Every day is a sadder day for our country … and for the world … with each report such as this.

Thank you… Fox News.

While this was going on ... Obama was in Washington DC attending a dinner for immigration activists ... once more spouting out his plans for his “hope and change”…. letting them all know that “”The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number…”.

Best and quickest way to up those numbers?

Immigration amnesty. Let them all in!  We need those numbers!  Let them all in and then make sure they can vote!

Also … Obama says illegals standing up and demanding amnesty is what America is all about.


How many vulnerable and gullible and greedy Americans are left who are still hoping and longing for the great change they saw in Obama’s words while not listening at all to what he was really saying?

I guess our next elections will answer that question.