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Congress Did Not Do Its Job

Did we not vote a new Congress into office in 2010 to stop the madness of Obama as far as our healthcare goes at least?

Obviously Congress did not do its job.

Whatever happened to “we will repeal Obamacare”?

Now it is here.

The madness becomes us.

Obamacare’s Tax Hike Train Wreck

Congress did not do its job in the investigation of Benghazi either.. and of course.. Obama knows nothing about anything as usual…. the only thing he ever stood up and took credit for was the killing of Bin Laden.  everything else is someone else’s “fault”.

‘…… at a press conference Tuesday morning, he said he wanted a smooth roll out for ObamaCare, but then added, “even if we do everything perfectly, there’ll still be, you know, glitches and bumps.” He reaffirmed his desire to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, but said “Congress determined that they would not let us close it.” He argued for an end to the sequester, only to add that he doesn’t have enough sway with Congress to make it happen. “You seem to suggest that somehow these folks over there have no responsibilities, and that my job is to somehow get them to behave,” he said to one reporter. “That’s their job!”

Read more:….’

Obama is incapable of doing his job … Congress refuses to do its.

How did we the people ever become so vulnerable?


The sequester?

How soon will it be that Congress gives in to all the spending Obama wants just to stop the “sequester jester”?

Did we really think we put adults in Washington?

DHS denies any warning of Boston bombers before hand.

And … of courses they denied it!  Did you really expect them to own up to anything? After all … that is what this administration is all about … denial …denial … denial…pretend … pretend … pretend.

The sequester?

How soon will it be that Congress gives in to all the spending Obama wants just to stop the “sequester jester”? 

Isn’t the “sequester”  being used in the same manner our local schools use a much wanted millage raise or renewal... do it or else?  If you don’t give us the money we are demanding we will take your kids buses away … we will stop all sports … we will not allow them to eat lunch … whatever will get you the parent in the right mood to vote YES.

How soon will it be that Congress gives in to all the spending Obama wants just to stop the “sequester jester”?


And… in the meantime … a very important national crisis was taken care of yesterday … and our children are now allowed to have sex with no fear of consequences … at least the consequences of having a child… as the FDA approved a twisted bill that now gives those chldren access to the “morning after pill be sold without a prescription” .

And … that has to be the most disgusting news of the day … and once again… did Congress do its job?


Stephen Hayes offers a quick and dirty history of Obama’s nuanced relationship with his own program of cuts:

Obama: (1) proposed the sequester, (2) threatened to veto any attempt to avoid it, (3) ignored warnings about its consequences for months,  11:12 AM – 30 Apr 2013

4) promised it wouldn’t happen, (5) pledged to pay legal fees of federal employees if it did, (6) complained he had too little flexibility,  11:13 AM – 30 Apr 201

7) rejected Republican efforts to give him more flexibility, and then, (8) predicted calamity once the cuts he’d championed went through.  11:13 AM – 30 Apr 2013


… and all of Washington is a kabuki… not just the amnesty… errr.. immigration … bill.