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Deception Is The Name Of The Game

Words can be put together to depict whatever the writer wants them to depict. They are only as accurate as the writer is honest.

This adminsitration and all connected to it and praising it … live under an umbrella of deception.   Reality .. honesty .. truth have no factor at all in anything that is said or done by any of them.

Read this report by Jake Tapper on the White House Council of Economic Advisers report on the economy.

Tapper reports it honestly and straight .. just as it is given.  The report itself  the CEA report .. is anything but honest and straight .. as you can see by reading what is in it.

In his report …  Tapper says “Biden compared Obama’s actions on the Recovery Act to that of President Abraham Lincoln establishing the Union Pacific Railroad Company in the middle of the Civil War.”

That is beyond laughable. Sure.. the government then authorized the buidling of the railroad … but it did not take it over.

Lincoln was President at that time … but he did not take it over the building of the railroad..  He did not appoint people to run it or czars to overlook it.

Lincoln signed the authorization and Congress supported it with bonds and land grants.

What a difference in what Obama is doing.

Have any of you forgotten General Motors?  It was once a very profitable public ccorporation … the biggest of its type in the world with very popular public stock that supported it.

Today there is no public stock … and it is owned by the government and the UAW. We .. you and I .. the taxpayers … support it.  Who is getting the profits?  Well.. who will get the profits should there be profits one day?Today I heard Obama say that “government partnering is the best way for manufacturing to go” in these United States.

Today I heard Obama say that “government partnering is the best way for manufacturing to go” in these United States.

People….. that is socialism… communism.. marxism… anything BUT capitalism and free enterprise.

The econcomy is not getting better because of anything Obama has done or is doing.  If it is improving at all .. it is simply because of the resiliency of the American spirit and the American entrepreneur … both of which bend and sway with the punches.. but do survive .. even in spite of Obama.

The emplyment rate is deplorable.  The housing market is nonexistent.  Inventories everywhere are at skelton levels.

We will survive in spite of all the deception of this administration.  That is the instinct that drives us.

Come November … that survival instinct will be made evident .. or will it?

Is the drive to fight still strong enough?  Has apathy taken over to a degree it will allow Obama to sail right on through this country .. with us all waking up on the other isde in shackles?

With the passage of the financial reform bill in the Senate today… he is well on his way.

Can he be stopped?

Not if apathy is the rule of the day .. along with deception being the name of the game.

This poll .. however .. is positively promising .. and a statement of the true American spirit … and the American way.