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Disarming America … To Set The Example

How naive is Obama?

Is he as naive as he seems to be on the subject of America disarming its nukes?

He said to Medvedev in Russia that it is up to Russia and America to set the example if it wants other countries to not make nuclear arms.

“It’s naïve for us to think,” he said, “that we can grow our nuclear stockpiles, the Russians continue to grow their nuclear stockpiles, and our allies grow their nuclear stockpiles, and that in that environment we’re going to be able to pressure countries like Iran and North Korea not to pursue nuclear weapons themselves.”

Is that naivete or just plain madness?

Can anyone seriously believe that if we disarm ourselves … all those enemies of ours would cheerfully and thankfully throw away all their plans to build their own arms?

Obama is a carbon copy of Gore in one way.

When Gore was in his twenties .. he wrote a book on the environment that became his life long goal.  None of that goal has had much to do with reality… but rather the pride of the fulfillment of that goal has become his obsession .. irregardless of the truth of reality.

Obama now seems to be doing the same thing as the papers he wrote as a student come forward… one paper written explaining just how someone might go about negotiating nuclear arms reduction with the Russians.Another paper shows his ideas on the military.. which he has disdain for and his ideas of a nuclear free world .. which is a child’s dream and has nothing to do with reality.  He is attempting to follow thorugh on those ideas as we speak… irregardless of the truth of reality.

Obama has begun pushing for new alliances, treaties and rules that he believes will establish a nuclear free world… again with no relevance to reality.  With this stubborn unrealistic clinging to his idealistic student year ideas with no thought of what it could do to our strength and security down the road … he puts himself in the same category as Al Gore… who stubbornly clings to his ideas of global warming in spite of what science and common sense tells us and in spite of what all the rules and alliances and treaties done in the name of global warming will do to our freedom and our economy.

It amounts to nothing more than a feeding of an ego so big that nothing will come in the way of that feeding .. and it is we Americans who will suffer first and foremost in all of it.

Pride in our country … freedom and prosperity and security of our nation … they are just afterthoughts that have nothing to do with Obama’s agenda.

Naivete has nothing to do with that agenda.

That agenda is all about him and his dictates .. no matter what reality speaks.

Set an example?

He is following the example he set in those student papers … a thought so fixed in his mind that a simple thing like reality is not allowed to interfere. It all becomes a show .. with Obama thinking he is the centerfold … while all around him begin to use his lack of substance.. his weakness .. his narrow minded focus on himself .. against him… against us .. against America.

It speaks real added danger in an already dangerous world that we all know all too well.


.. if you want to read just how obsessed Al Gore is with global warming.. go here.….

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