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Does He Fool You?

The interview with  Bret Baier and Obama was at best a “frustrating” conversation for Obama.


He was pushed for answers.  He didn’t give the answers but was obviously very frustrated because Baird would not quit pushing him for answers.

Lies and false inuendos  is all we hear in this conversation from Obama as he does his best to shut Baier down.

Take the words and twist them and twist them and twist them.  Spin it till no one really knows what you are saying.  That seems to be the method Obama uses.  It seems to be the only one he knows.

Truth… simple plain truth has nothing to do with anything.

Obama wants this bill passed … at any cost .. and he will not be satisfied with anything less. We the people know nothing … he knows it all.  He knows what is best for all of us.  This bill will pass because he says it will because he knows it is the “right” thing to do.

Not one of Baier’s questions was answered.

Not one.

Is this the makings of a dictator at heart?

We will do as he says for he knows best and all of the problems this country has in front of it is everyone else’s fault … certainly not his.

The best day of this country’s life will be the day Obama no longer sits in the White House.

Let’s hope we survive till then.

Here is the second part of Baier’s visit.

Lies and false inuendos.


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