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Drama Club

If you live on the ocean .. you know there are risks involved .. one of them being the possiblity of hurricanes … and perhaps some rough hurricanes.

This weekend there is a hurricane riding up the east coast.

If you do not live on the coast .. perhaps the possible drama of it all draws you in and you become a part of the Drama Club.

The drama club of 2011 is putting on a great act these days.

It is meant to be drama but it is quickly becoming  high comedy as hurricane Irene makes her leisurely way north or northeast or which ever way she decides to meander along.

It is hilarious how so many who perhaps have never even been on the coast other than perhaps now to make a wisdom filled report as this storm rolls in have so much advice for those who have spent their entire lives on the ocean shore .. as they .. the advice givers … or the report makers … stand oh so bravely against the deadly winds with the most devastating background they can find for their photo ops.

So far the most deadly photo op seems to be that of a wooden pier being battered by the winds.

The wish to feed off of what could be someone else’s tragedy is a trait of human nature that causes human beings to lose all their common sense and reason.

In the case of this “montster storm” riding up the east coast .. and it very well may be just that …. a whole nation of newscasters seems to have been drawn in to the latest drama club act.

Are they perhaps hoping for another Katrina to fill their news days?

Whatever happened to adulthood?

… and now for the disappointing aftermath… this says it all…    Perfect storm of hype….


and it shall be milked for all it is worth