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Freed Gitmo Terrorists At It Once More

How many more freed terrorists will come back to haunt us?

Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot

As these terrorists plot new ways to attempt to terrorize us .. is Obama still planning on releasing more form Guantanamo Bay?

There is only one thing that saved flight 253 ..

.. a failed detonator.

.. and as quickly as Janet Napolitano announced so gleefully that the “system worked” … even though the would be bomber got all the way to the one yard line.. or maybe the siz inch line .. today Napolitano recanted.

Wonder how much pressure was on her to restate her views?

The big question.. why was a man who was on the national security terrorist watch list allowed to have a visa into the United States … and board a plane?

Obviously .. he wasn’t screened by anything other than the metal detector… yet how many innocent people were?

The administration “stonewalls” terror attempt inquiries.

The very people who should have every possible detail open to their scrutiny .. those in Homeland Security and Intelligence committees .. find it difficult to get any information from the administration.


Obama did address the nation today … three days after the ¬†attack on Northwest flight 253 …. seeming strangely detached as he read ¬†from a prepared text

Incompetence reigns and doors remain closed …. as the freed Gitmo terrorists go at it once more.

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