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Freedom Eating Bodyscanners

Have you flown lately?

If you have .. have you noticed that the bodyscanner is now the norm going through security?  Going through Detroit Metro to Houston and then Brownsville … not one security check station had the walk through security check open.  Well.. in Detroit .. it was opened only for what appeared to be special exceptions .. perhaps children or those whom for who knows what reasons could not go through the bodyscanner.  Other than that… all went through the scanner.


Sure .. you can protest … and get kicked off your flight.

It is a Homeland Security monopoly on the privacy of our bodies.

Do you object?

Objectors  in Texas must have spoken up loudly and clearly for there is a bill now being introduced which would make “ it a civil penalty for anyone working in a locally owned airport to install or operate whole-body imaging equipment — “including a device that uses backscatter x-rays or millimeter waves, that creates a visual image of a person’s unclothed body and is intended to detect concealed objects..”

Simpson files anti-body-scanner bill.

We need every state in this country to do the same thing.

Giving away the privacy of our bodies without even a whimper is abhorrent.  Do not tell me it is for the “safety of the passengers”.   If someone wants to do harm … believe me .. they will do it.

Scanning your body will not stop them.

Nor will scanning your shoes … or your belt .. or your hair clip .. or the confiscation of your tube of toothpaste.

Wake up .. everyone.   You are walking with your eyes wide open right into the jaws of a pack of  freedom eating  sharks.

Your voice can make a difference here.

Use it.

By the way .. it looks like the global warming proponents are getting a bit panicky here…. at least Al Gore .. as the global warming myth becomes exposed to more and more along the way here.

Al Gore rips New Hampshire lawmakers for climate vote that “ignores science”.

New Hampshire wants out of the global warming business.  Common sense at work.

Oh… and if you still think Obamacare is still just about health care… you must look at this…

U.S. House repeals controversial tax provision

How many more such items are buried in that bill that no one really knows about yet .. other than those who wrote them?