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Freedom Is Ours To Retain

This freedom we all love so dearly is ours to retain.  The question is how do we go about doing that?

Vote.  We need to make sure we vote and that we know who we are voting for.

The next best thing we can do is help in every way we can to get those in office outside of our own districts.

There are many races in which high ranking Democrats are being challenged heavily by their opponents. This is where we can help … by supporting those opponents in any way we can … even though they are far from our district.

This is where being an American comes strongly into play as we step up to help each other in this battle we are facing with those sitting in our White House .. in our Capitol Building.

Following is a list of a few of those races:

California U.S. Senate… Barbara Boxer (D) vs Carly Fiorina (R)   You can reach Carly at

California Governor … Jerry  Brown (D) vs Meg Whitman (R)   You can reach Meg at

Wisconsin U.S. Senate.. Russ Feingold (D) vs Ron Johnson (R)  You can reach Ron at

Nevada U.S. Senate … Harry Reid (D) vs Sharon Angle (R)  You can reach Sharon at

Illinois U.S. Senate … Alexi Giannoulias (D) vs Mark Kirk (R)    You can reach Mark at

Delaware U.S. Senate … Chris Coons (D) vs Mike Castle (R)  You can reach Mike at

Michigan  U.S. Senate .. .Gary McDowell (D) vs Dan Bensishek (R) This is Stupak’s old seat .. who retired after making a fool of himself.   You can reach Dan at

Minnesota Governor … Mark Dayton (D) vs Tom Emmer (R)  You can reach Tom at ( Dayton is dependent on Aug primary.. but has commanding lead).

Minnesota 4th District .. U.S. Senate …Tarryl Clark (D) vs Michell Bachmann.  You can reach Michelle at

Minnesota .. 4th District House of Rep Betty McCollum (D) vs Teresa Collett (R) You can reach Teresa at

You of course may very well know just who you wish to help and how .. these were listed for those who would like to help but are not sure of who or how to go about it.

Contact your choice of candidates you wish to help.  They will be more than happy to accept any and all help they can get.

This freedom really is ours to retain.  It is our turn to keep the watch .. fight the battle ..make sure it stays intact for the generations coming ahead of us.. our kids.. our grandkids.

Freedom has never been free and we need to make sure the price that has been paid for it to this point has not and will never have been in vain.