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Gas Prices Soar To Silence

Last year gas prices went up …. up high .. and the screaming went up higher .. especially from those hating Bush.

It was all Bush’s fault!  Investigate those oil companies!  Tax them!  Windfall taxes! They are making way way way too much money!

The headlines went on and on and on… and then … lo and behold… as the demand for gasoline dropped … which was at the end of summer … prices dropped.

Then it was …. prices of oil must go higher.  People must be forced to drive pocket cars.  These low oil prices are not good for the green at all..oh no .. not at all.

So … prices are now soaring again … only this time it is to silence.

Those with any common sense know that the price of oil is regulated by supply and demand.  If they don’t like the higher prices…. they drive less.

Those who still and always will hate Bush?

Well… they aren’t blaming this on anyone.  They are silent.  They no doubt are holding their breath collectively with the hope that somehow someone is working for them and this time the oil prices will soar beyond the reach of all those ignorant anti-green.. anti-global warming, anti-climate change via carbon emissions people.

In the meantime you know Obama is working as hard as he can to make his demand come true ….  “Gas prices need to be higher.”

After all … how can his new auto companies thrive with their great new pocket cars if gasoline is only $2/gallon?

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